Your Rights as a Passenger in a Car Accident Claim

Car accidents cause significant harm to the driver, passenger, and everyone around them. While drivers have complete control over the car, passengers have no control over when to stop. However, as a passenger, you may have little to nothing to do to prevent the car accident from happening. 

While you cannot prevent the accident as a passenger, that does not mean you are not eligible for compensation in an accident. You may be eligible to get compensation for your injuries and losses as per the law. Following the car collision, it is advisable to seek help from a Hillsville Auto Accident Lawyer who can help understand your legal rights. 

What steps should a passenger take after a car accident?

After the accident, people often panic and get overwhelmed with unexpected events. However, it would be better to keep calm and check if the driver, you, or anyone else around is injured. If injured, do not forget to call the emergency number. 

While the driver is supposed to report the accident, the passenger can also report the accident to the police. Additionally, if you suspect the driver was driving under the influence or any driver has fled from the accident scene, do not forget to report it to the police about it. 

Check for any physical injuries. If possible, the passenger must collect all the vital evidence about the accident, such as taking pictures of the damages and accident scenes, taking information from the driver, talking to eyewitnesses and noting down their information, and more. 

Furthermore, seek medical assistance even if you see no injuries. Sometimes the injuries may be internal and appear days or weeks after the accident. In case you delay the medical treatment, the insurance company will use it against you, saying that the injury did not happen due to the accident. 

Who will pay for the injuries of passengers?

In many cases, it is easier for the passengers to get compensation for their injuries since there is no one to share the blame or question fault. Following the accident, the passenger may be eligible to get compensation from the following parties: 

  • The negligent driver who caused the accident. 
  • The driver whose car they were in. 
  • Combination of both the drivers. 
  • Third-party. 

Since each case is unique, a car accident lawyer can help investigate the case and allow the passenger to get fair compensation to cover their losses. Therefore, it is essential to speak to a lawyer to ensure you do not suffer alone and protect your rights. 

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