Will smoking one joint show up on a 5-panel drug test?

Smoking one joint might show up on your 5-panel drug test as it contains THC metabolites. THC shows positive results in a 5-panel drug test, and hence there is no doubt that one joint will show up positive results. Let us learn about one-joint, the impact it would create on our drug test, and how to pass your 5-panel drug test if you have taken one-joint.

What is a joint?

Crunched cannabis extracts or powder enveloped in a strong tissue paper is called a joint. It is different from the blunts because one joint contains only cannabis but blunts contain tobacco extracts in it. According to some trusted sources, smoking one joint is similar to smoking more than 25 cigarettes simultaneously. One joint smoke may stay in your system for a pretty long time which could create distress during your drug test. One joint might also lead to severe lung diseases, including lung cancer.

How long does one joint stay in your system?

It depends on the consumption and the intake frequency. If you are an infrequent user or an occasional user, the THC metabolites might stay 48 to 72 hours in your system. One gram of cannabis contains nearly 200 grams of THC in them, which will take about 3 to 4 days for the body metabolism to wipe off the metabolites from the system.

THC is a lipid-soluble metabolite and hence can get stored in your body fat. So, if you have a high amount of body fat, there are chances that THC might stay up in your system for a pretty more extended time. Other factors include slower metabolism, improper hydration, age, etc.

Do Smoking one-joint impact your drug test results?

As previously said, yes. It will impact the drug test results.

  1. Mouth Swab Drug test – THC can be detected in your oral saliva drug test if you are tested 24 hours within the last use.
  2. 5-Panel Urine drug test – The drug metabolites might stay up in your bladder for 1 to 2 weeks after your last use. It depends on the amount of usage.
  3. 5-Panel Hair follicle drug test – The drug traces might stay in your hair for nearly 90 days and hence can show up in your hair follicle drug test.

How to pass my 5-panel drug test if I have taken one joint?

If you are an smoking occasionally, you can pass your 5-panel drug test by following some DIY methods like drinking an adequate amount of water before your drug test might help you pass your 5-panel urine drug test. You can also try taking diuretics like coffee or tea that might help to flush out the metabolites faster. But it cannot eliminate the drug traces.

Final words

One joint might impact your 5-panel drug test irrespective of your occasional or frequent usage. So, it is better to prevent taking one joint or any other illegal substances to pass your 5-panel drug test.

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