Wicked Edge Gen 3 Pro - Precision Knife Sharpener by Wicked Edge

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Organized Kitchen Store are really pleased to publish quality Wicked Edge Gen 3 Pro - Precision Knife Sharpener.

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Product Features

MADE IN THE USA. Wicked Edge has produced greatest quality precision knife sharpening systems given that 2007. LIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTY. We take pride in our sharpening systems and we stand behind our items. INCLUDES: - Includes difficult carrying case with customized foam insert. - Coarse 100 Grit/ Medium Coarse 200 Grit Diamond Stones Pack. - Medium Fine 400 Grit/ Fine 600 Grit Diamond Stones Pack. - Extra Fine 800 Grit/ Ultra Fine 1000 Grit Diamond Stones Pack. FASTEST AND EASIEST TO USE of any Wicked Edge sharpener. Fast Angle Adjustment Mechanism - angle is altered on both sides of the sharpener at the same time with the pull of a lever. Generation 3 Cam-Lock Vise - one-step knife securing needs no extra tools to operate. HONES BLADES UP TO 15 inch LONG. Angle Range: 13.5 to 27.5 Degrees (27 to 55 degrees inclusive). Main angle modification in 0.50 degree increments, and micro-angle modification in 0.05 degree increments.Made in the USA, the Generation 3 Pro Sharpener is our premier sharpener and definite need to if you are sharpening a big volume of knives, run a honing service or desire a sharpener with the easiest set up and the newest hardware. It is function rich and makes sharpening, touch-ups and repairs a fast and easy job for any user. The one-step angle modification, ranging from 14 to 27 degrees, allows the user to change the sharpening angle at the same time on both sides of the knife which makes the process of sharpening a knife with the Generation 3 Pro model much faster and simpler than our other consumer models. The free-floating, Cam-Lock Vise Jaw style allows for one handed, protected clamping of knives including fully flat ground blades and it features a tension modification which lets the user choose the suitable stress for differing thicknesses of knives. The maximum blade density accepted by the Generation 3 Pro is 3/16

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