What Should You Keep In Mind While Negotiating A Separation Agreement?

When you and your spouse feel that your marriage is not working out but are unsure about getting a divorce, a separation can be right for you. A separation agreement is a post-marriage agreement that states the decision made regarding the couple’s finances, assets, and children after their separation. There is no judge involved in finalizing such agreements. 

It is essential that the separation agreement is fair to both parties and suits their respective interests. Consult an experienced Divorce Lawyer Ottawa that helps you negotiate a fair separation agreement with your spouse. Their guidance ensures that you do not make any errors in the process that might result in an agreement that leads to significant problems in your future. 

Some tips that can help you during negotiations. 

  • Set your priorities. 

It is not realistic that you will receive everything you want after the separation. You must understand that and separate your desires from your needs. Based on your goals, your lawyer formulates strategies that can help you achieve them. Understand that your decisions will have long-term consequences, and you must choose priorities wisely. 

  • Keep your emotions aside. 

Separating from your spouse is undoubtedly distressing. However, a rational and calm mindset is necessary during negotiations. If you allow your emotions to influence your decision-making and act out of spite rather than logic, you may end with an unfavorable agreement. Perceive the situation objectively, and do not let your emotions guide you. 

  • Be informed. 

An unfair agreement can affect you drastically. You must be equipped with the proper knowledge to make the right decisions. A lawyer can help you understand the complicated laws that impact your agreement and provide you with valuable advice to make the right choices. Being knowledgeable also enables you to avoid any mistakes. 

  • Be a good communicator. 

You must listen to your partner and understand their concerns during the negotiation. Having a stubborn attitude will only lead to an unsuccessful negotiation and inevitable litigation, so you must be willing to compromise. Be courteous and do not make any rude statements regardless of your feelings towards them. Being cooperative and understanding will help you maintain a good relationship with them even after the separation, which can tremendously benefit your children. 

Your lawyer in Ottawa understands your situation and assists you in negotiating the agreement with the other party. They are skilled negotiators and equipped with several tactics that will help you reach a fair agreement.

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