What Makes PDFs So Popular?

When Adobe created the file format called PDF in the year 1991, it has no idea that they are revolutionizing the document industry with this versatile file format. The abbreviation PDF stands for Portable Document Format. Almost ten years after this file format was invented, it became all the more popular because of its user-friendly interface. You can also convert PDF to Word or any other file format. It has amazing features that make it the most universally accepted file format. 

Here are a few features that make PDFs the widely used file format even today. 

  • Security

The world is going online, and we share all the information on some or the other platform, which makes it very vulnerable to get in the wrong hands. Especially, when you share documents on any platform. With PDFs, you can be ensured that your document will remain secure with password protection. Access to passwords can be given to only a few authorized people and therefore, the document can be viewed only by that set of people. This feature makes it popular in the fields of medicine, legal, education, and many others. 

  • Compatibility

Another best feature of pdf to jpg is that this file format is compatible with all devices, versions, browsers, and operating systems. It does not matter if you are trying to view the file on any system, the file will be displayed without any hassle. As the name suggests, this file format is portable in nature, which means the content of the files can be viewed on different platforms without worrying too much about messing up the content of the file. 

  • Compression

One of the worst parts about sharing files online is their large size. Files that contain images and graphs are generally very huge in size, which makes it difficult to share them. It consumes a lot of time, an internet pack, and memory in your system. PDF is one such file format that can be easily compressed by decreasing the quality of the document. Quality is decreased in such a manner that the quality of content is not hampered. This way sharing file becomes easy on any platform. 


The above-mentioned points make PDFs one of the most reliable file formats. You can easily edit PDF, split and merge PDFs and perform various operations, which makes it very easy to use. This is why PDFs are still popular even years after their invention. 

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