What Are Your Responsibilities As An Employee on H1B?

The H1B visa is a popular option for foreign workers seeking employment opportunities in the United States. As an H1B visa holder, you have certain rights and responsibilities that come with your immigration status. One should contact Pollak Immigration, PLLC, if they need professional and legal help to comply with the terms of their visa. 

You would also have a legal obligation to fulfill specific responsibilities as an employee. These responsibilities include maintaining valid immigration status, reporting changes to your employer and the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), complying with US labor laws and regulations, and returning to your home country upon completion of your employment. 

Understanding your responsibilities as an employee on H1B:

  • Maintaining valid H1B status

Maintaining valid H1B status means you must ensure that you work for the employer who sponsored your visa in the job and location specified in your visa application. If you change jobs or employers, you must file a new H1B petition with the USCIS. 

Additionally, you must maintain valid immigration status by ensuring your visa is not expired and you comply with all visa regulations. Failure to maintain good H1B status can result in legal consequences, deportation, and difficulty obtaining future visas.

  • Reporting changes

As an H1B visa holder, you must report any changes to your job duties, work location, salary, and other significant changes that may affect your H1B status. You must notify your employer of these changes, and your employer must notify the USCIS of any changes that affect your employment. 

Failure to report changes can result in the revocation of your H1B visa, legal consequences, and even deportation. It is essential to keep your employer, and the USCIS informed of any changes to your employment to remain in compliance with H1B regulations.

  • Complying with US labor laws and regulations

As an H1B visa holder, you must comply with all US labor laws and regulations regarding minimum wage, overtime, and workplace safety. You have the same rights and protections as US workers and are entitled to fair treatment by your employer. 

Knowing your rights and responsibilities under US labor laws and reporting any violations or concerns to your employer or the appropriate authorities is essential. Failure to comply with US labor laws can result in legal action, fines, and even deportation.

  • Paying taxes

As an H1B visa holder, you must pay federal, state, and local taxes on your income earned in the United States. You will receive a Form W-2 from your employer at the end of each tax year, showing your total earnings and the amount of taxes withheld. It is essential to file your tax return each year by the deadline, typically in April, and pay any taxes owed. Failure to pay taxes can result in penalties and affect your immigration status.

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