What Are The Features Of Phone Watch

The phone watch is a new generation of mobile phones. It’s called a “smartwatch” because of its features like an android phone. It can do many things not possible on ordinary phones, such as calling your friends or reading messages from social media platforms.

Support TF card expansion, up to 32GB.

TF card is a USB flash drive that you can use to store photos, videos, and other files. It’s also good for storing mobile phone data and files. With this watch’s TF card expansion feature, you can easily transfer data between your phone and watch.

For example, You can use this watch as an electronic diary where you write down your daily schedule. Or use it as a music player that plays all your favorite songs at once when they are stored on its memory stick (TF).

1.5-inch touch screen, 240 * 240 pixels.

The touch screen is large and clear, with 240 * 240 pixels resolution. This is high quality, allowing you to see every detail on your phone watch’s display. It’s also very sensitive and responsive to touch, so you can use it to navigate the phone.

Built-in Bluetooth

Bluetooth 3.0, the latest version of Bluetooth technology, offers several new features over previous versions. It allows for faster connection speeds, lower power consumption, and better range than older versions of Bluetooth.

Alarm clock function

The phone watch comes with the function of an alarm clock. With this function, you can set the time and date and the ringtone to your favorite song.

Anti-lost function

The watch supports an anti-lost function, which can find your phone by pressing the Find button on the watch. You can also send a message to your smartphone to call it at any time. You can directly dial after binding with mobile phones. It also supports incoming call display, rejected by SMS notification, etc.

Phone book function

You can store a phone book function and 500 groups of contacts in the watch phonebook. It can directly dial after binding with mobile phones when you have a new incoming call from a contact in your phonebook on your mobile device. You can simply check them on your smartwatch without having to go through all those steps again.

This feature makes using this product much easier than using other types of devices like watches or fitness trackers alone because they lack some key features such as being able to receive calls directly from their owners rather than having someone else do it first before getting one back themself this happens when someone calls someone else,

Supports remote camera

The remote camera function allows you to take pictures or videos from your phone and share them with friends. To use this feature, you’ll need to bind your watch with a device that supports the Android Wear 2.0 API.

If your watch has this feature enabled, pressing the “Remote” button on its screen will launch an app on your smartphone. It will store all photos and videos taken by your smart watch in a gallery named “Camera.” From there, tapping one of these images opens up an album containing all previous shots taken by that particular device under its name (e.g., “Camera”). Once inside this gallery, there are several options available. Tap an image and move through different views, including full-screen mode or square format.


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