Water-Wave hair – Curls with best Longevity

This article will discuss the nature of Water wave hair and why we should use it. People who have lost their hair due to illness, natural baldness or facing fear of damaging hair with new emerging hairstyles can use wigs. Hair extensions have progressively enhanced looks with endless uniqueness. Currently, wigs provide variety in texture of hair, length and styling so women have many options to keep up.

Water-wave hair comes up with wave on the surface of water. It means that this wave pattern has large curls which gives you natural look that people may consider them for real. Additionally, these waves are like water-wavy texture with optimal longevity and naturalness.

Table of content:

  1. How water-wave hair is different from others wigs?
  2. How to maintain water-wave hair?
  3. Which shop is best to buy water-wave hair?

1 How Water-wave hair is different from other hair

  • Fine Blending:

It is a good choice if you want a good blend of artificial hair with natural hair. Hardly, any person can recognize that you are wearing wig.

  • Natural Appearance:

This wig provides natural texture because it is made up of 100% Human hair so you are confident to shine and bounce.

  • Easy to Bleach or Dye:

These hair extensions can be considered for versatile hair choice because it is easy to dye and styling of any kind.

  • Clean hair ends:

These wigs mostly contain Remy hair which is extremely thick, luxurious and soft. However, you can give more fullness in the root skin and realistic look.

  • Best longevity:

Water-wave hair has longest maintenance without being processed. It can last up to 12-Months and can be permed as well.

2 How to maintain Water-wave hair

The most important thing about wigs is maintenance and care. Without it, it can be damaged soon. There are some steps to take care of it which are given below:

  • To use a wide-tooth comb or use fingers to align them in a direction from bottom to top otherwise it will cause breakage for brushing from roots to end.
  • Don’t brush wig while they are wet, hang them at wig stand and wait until they dry and then brush.
  • Avoid excessive heat such as curling, straightening and perming. It should be at medium temperature as we do for natural hair.
  • Keep nourish the ends of wigs hair after every 2 Weeks then they will be shinning and smooth.
  • Always rinse you wig with warm water and soak wig in it for few minutes by adding prescribed shampoo then wash it again with clean water.

3 Which shop is best to buy Water-wave hair

Water-wave hairs are becoming a trend for women due to their realistic look and longevity so you can find the best and qualitative Water-Wave hair at Luvmehair, Bandkhair, Party wardrobe, and Paula young.

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