Types of Truck Accidents in Ontario that You Must Know

Trucks are a crucial means of transporting goods from one place to another. According to a report, the industries in the USA, ship over 11 billion tons and employed over 7 billion people.  This means along with transportation, it also produces employment opportunities for many. However, truck accidents have also become one of the most trending topics. Several reasons may cause a truck accident such as distracted driving, bad weather, heavy loading, etc. 

Such accidents may cause huge loss of property along with lives. Losing your dear ones in an accident can be extremely devastating. As per the law, you can ask for compensation after a truck accident. However, it is a complicated process and might be difficult to manage alone. Therefore, you must hire a professional truck accident lawyer. Contact Caruso Law Offices P.C. for hiring the best Ontario semi truck accident lawyer. They will fight for your rights to secure you the compensation you deserve. 

Truck accidents can happen in several ways. In this article, you will know about the various types of truck accidents. 

Types of Truck Accidents:

  • Jackknife accidents: 

This type of accident happens when the truck driver pulls the brake suddenly and quickly. This causes the trailer to swing out at a ninety-degree angle making the truck overturn or roll over creating a huge road accident. 

  • Blind Spot accidents:

Blindspot accidents means accidents caused when the truck driver loses sight of other vehicles. This is common among semi-truck drivers. When the truck driver cannot see the other vehicle, they may hit or crush them causing a dangerous accident. 

  • Truck Rollover accidents: 

A truck rollover accident means when the truck driver loses control over the truck, it may skid and roll. This may cost the life of the other motorist on the road.

  • Head-on collisions:

This is a type of accident where the truck driver crashes with another vehicle from the front. It can cause a severe accident and may lead to death as well.

  • Rear-end collision:

This accident is similar to a head-on collision. However, here the truck crashes at the end of the other vehicle. 

  • Underride accidents:

It is one of the most dangerous and deadliest truck accidents. When the truck stops quickly, the approaching small vehicles behind it may stuck under the truck trailer. This may rip off the top of the vehicle and may cause the death of the person sitting inside the vehicle. 

  • Improper loading:

Sometimes, the transporters load the truck heavily. However, if it is not loaded correctly, the chances of the fall out of trucks load are high. This may lead to serious road accidents. 

Therefore, a truck driver must be extremely careful while driving to avoid any such serious road collisions. Further, the companies must also provide appropriate training to their truck drivers. 

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