Types Of Car Accidents 

A car accident can be encountered by the victims in different types. The severity of these accidents could be distinguishable. It would be advisable to contact a car accident attorney Fort Wayne for any legal or medical help. Car accidents have been among the top reasons for deaths every year. 

Similarly, accidents could happen anytime in any scenario. The fault or liability may not be apparent and will take time to conclude. It would be helpful for you to know about different types of car accidents since it could help you deal with the situation at hand. 

  • Distracted driving accidents 

Distracted driving accidents are one of the most common types of car accidents. These accidents could range from fewer casualties to severe injuries depending on the speed and force of the crash. This accident usually occurs due to the driver’s negligence while driving. 

Every driver must pay attention to the road without being distracted. If a driver has a history of distractions while driving, it would be advisable to use public transport. The cause of distractions is often smoking, eating, or talking with other passengers while driving.  All of these distractions should be avoided to assure the safety of other drivers and fr yourself on the road. 

  • DUI accidents 

Driving under the influence has taken many lives. Many drivers avoid traffic laws and choose to drink while driving or get drunk before moving, intoxicated. Being under the influence of alcohol derails one’s thinking abilities and hand-eye coordination while driving. As a result, the driver loses control over the vehicle and crashes it into someone else. One must contact a car accident lawyer if one encounters a DUI accident. A legal proceeding in such cases could be a must. The victims of this car accident might likely get a fair settlement. 

  • Violations 

The police catch many drivers while violating traffic laws. These violations could be overspeeding or bumping traffic signals. Some drivers either break the speed limits or cross the red signal. It often results in a terrible car crash. The driver often loses control due to high speed and bumps the car with brute force. 

The car accident victims can face severe injuries since the crash takes place at maximum speeds and potential force. Proving the fault of the driver could be challenging. Most of these accidents occur in an intersection where either driver is allowed to enter. Seeking legal help in such a case would be necessary, given that the situation is tricky. 

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