Truck Unsecured Load Accidents in Bakersfield

Have you ever seen a truck loaded with heavy cargo? Imagine if that cargo becomes loose, falls from the truck, and hits another vehicle on the road. Such an accident can lead to severe injuries or even death. Bakersfield truck accident lawyers are experts in dealing with such cases. This blog will discuss Truck unsecured load accidents in Bakersfield. Let us start:-

Causes of Unsecured Cargo

As per the government norms, weight, stacking, and balancing of cargos or load should be within limits. However, most of the time, companies do not comply with the rules, or the driver’s carelessness can cause such an accident. Such accidents can be very devastating and dangerous. Improper Loaded equipment, road hazards, inadequate tie-downs, and negligence are the most common causes of unsecured load accidents.

Responsibility of accident

Many people can be responsible for such accidents as truck drivers, loading companies, or shipping companies. The manufacturing company could be liable for such accidents if the materials used to secure the loads were defective. The trucking company is responsible for truck maintenance and training truckers on load inspection. Fault or negligence at any point can be hazardous to other people on the road. Cargo or the loading company can be deemed liable for the accident if they fail to load the goods properly.

Things to do after an Accident

Staying at the accident scene is the first and foremost thing to do after a truck accident. Secondly, report the entire incident to the police and help investigate the accident scene. In case anyone is injured, then seek medical help immediately. Gather as much information as you can about the truck, like the trucking company’s name, license plate number, truck driver’s name, and insurance information of the truck.


Truck accident lawyers can help you if you have been a victim of such negligence. Legal consultation in such cases is highly advisable. Not only will a lawyer file a case against the trucking company, but also he will ensure you receive your fair share of compensation for the injury. He will represent you in the courtroom and ensure that your paperwork is up to date.


Large commercial trucks with heavy loads can be terrifying, and getting hit by such a truck can even take your life. Be cautious of the road while driving and stay clear of such trucks. Even in an accident, do not panic and handle the situation calmly.

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