Top Nintendo Switch games

The Nintendo Switch is not just a game console, it has become a real phenomenon. The whole planet knows about the famous games that were released, especially for Nintendo Switch, and today we will talk about the peaks of these games and which are the best games that you can try. If you’ve recently purchased a Nintendo Switch, here are some of the top-rated games.

Animal Crossing

Animal Crossing is one of those games that will make you think twice before trying another game. After experiencing the true interactions of a life simulator, you will find that the industry of online gambling India is the only thing missing from this game. Jokes aside, Animal Crossing is a game that can be played by both 40-year-olds and 10-year-olds.

For those who don’t know what this game is about, the producers have created a digital world where you can do all sorts of things, experiment, and advance. It could be the definition of a new metaverse, but we leave it to you to decide. Animal Crossing has pretty intense gameplay where you have to craft your items, eat, explore, interact with other players, and do your best to find your clothes and accessories. The strongest principle of this game is that you can’t get bored because you will always find something to do.


Fortnite is a very controversial game that has changed the minds of many players in recent years. It started as a simple Battle Royale game, but it quickly became an international phenomenon. From unique dances that children have come to imitate all over the internet, to tens of millions of euros in revenue in an industry that has grown faster than any other new game that has ever been developed.

In the Fortnite game, which can be played on all platforms and consoles, you have to win a survival battle. That is, to enter the battle on your own and succeed in being the last to stand. The rounds are not easy because, in most cases, the number of players you have to face is quite high. In the game, there is also a market for accessories that help you customize your character, so everyone can look the way they want.


If we keep talking about the phenomena of the gaming industry, we should look with admiration at the game of Minecraft, which, in our opinion, is the one that had the biggest impact on the community. Behind the game of Minecraft is an excellent team of people who have created a game that allows you to create a world as you consider it perfect. The game is a survival game in which you have to find a way to defeat the forces of evil, but the fun only begins after that.

If you start to discover that Minecraft is a game based on creativity, construction, innovation, and art, or if you need a game in which to value the skills of a builder, architect, or designer, Minecraft is the perfect place for you. One thing about Minecraft is that the game is based on a unique geometric principle. Everything in the game is cubic, including characters, objects, materials, or plants.

Mario Party Superstars

Mario Party Superstars is like a breath of fresh air for all players who have ever played a game in the Big Party series. What happened in the Superstars version was that the developers chose to collect all the best mini-games from the previous series and include them all in the Superstars edition. The name is given to convey the idea that this should be a special edition where you will be able to play the coolest games with the coolest characters.

The game is similar and takes place on a board. Each player has a character that they can move and use by rolling the dice. Whoever manages to avoid trouble the most and reaches the end first wins the round.


The Pokemon series is already the legacy that is left to all Nintendo lovers. The most famous Pokemon characters and animals are still on the consoles of millions of players. It doesn’t even need a description because the game, the series, the movies, and all the products that were created around this concept have reached the ears of all the people on the planet. Do you want a dose of nostalgia? Play Pokemon!


The coolest Nintendo Switch games are also the most successful games of all time. For a Nintendo product lover, the top described above is something very valuable. If you’ve never played Nintendo Switch games before, these are the ones you should try.

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