Top 5 Tools You Need When Doing SEO for Your Business

With a wide range of options, choosing the best tools for your business needs can be an overwhelming process that takes a tremendous amount of time. It is not easy to compare one tool to another, so we would like to help you with it. To make things a little bit easier for you, we have made a list of the top 5 tools that you will need when doing SEO for your business, as recommended by experienced Chicago SEO agencies. 

  • Google Disavow Tool

First and foremost, the Google Disavow Tool has been designed by Google to help web admins. It enables you to let Google know when there are bad links pointing to your website, which you do not wish to be associated with. In addition, with this tool, SEOs will be able to tell Google about the external links that should be considered whenever Google performs the evaluation of ranking factors.

Some site publishers use this tool when they have bought hyperlinks from link farms or when they find many bad external links in their website. According to Google’s policies, the purchase of links is prohibited, and websites with such violations will suffer a penalty. Overall, this disavow tool is perfect for websites that need to be free from toxic backlinks.

  • SEMRush: Marketing SEO Tools

If you are looking for the favorite digital marketing tools of the SEO community, SEMRush is one of them. Experts prefer to use this tool, as it allows for easy access to your rankings. It also lets you identify changes as well as new website ranking opportunities.

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The Domain vs. Domain analysis is a popular feature offered by SEMRush. It provides you with the ability to compare your webpage to your other competitors conveniently. Should you need analytical reports to have a clearer view of your website traffic, search data, and even your rivals, the analysis feature allows you to compare domains and keywords. Moreover, the On-Page SEO property management in dubai Checker lets you effortlessly monitor your rankings. You can also use this tool to find suggestions on what you can do to improve the performance of your website.

  • Ahrefs Webmaster Tool

Another excellent SEO tool is the Ahrefs Webmaster Tool. All you have to do is sign up, verify your website, and then you will be able to go over your site for more than 100 technical issues. This tool also provides tips for fixing them.

Upon completing your audit, Ahrefs Webmaster Tool will also let you know how you will enhance your internal linking. This plays a significant role in improving your rankings in search engines. It is also worth noting that this function also helps you learn about your website’s organic keyword rankings, including the ones linking to you.

  • Moz Pro

Moz Pro is your provider for many valuable resources that will aid you in learning more about SEO. This tool is made to assist you in coming up with better strategies and improved trend analysis in the industry.

The Moz Pro tool is ideal for those who want to track their rankings, check their websites for errors and issues, and find keywords using targeted keyword suggestions. In addition, this handy tool is designed to manage your keywords and help you examine potential URLs.

  • WooRank (free version)

Last but not least, WooRank is another free SEO tool that elucidates the current state of the website you are on. If the site does not have a score yet, this tool can do a brief inspection.

WooRank grades webpages based on SEO criteria, such as content structure and keyword performance. It also shows where the site is lacking and gives positive feedback about what you are already doing well.

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Final Takeaway

There are so many SEO tools available for your business, so choosing the right ones for you can be challenging. But you no longer have to go to all that trouble, as you now know the top 5 tools you need when doing SEO for your business.

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