Tools That Will Help You Correct Grammatical Errors In Your Content

If you are starting a blog or you are writing articles for someone else’s blog you would not want the content to be ridden with grammatical errors. You can say that your grammar is good and you can minimise these errors without any software. However, in order to catch each of these mistakes you have to use an online grammar checker. These softwares are designed in such a way that they can eliminate any error that is present on your device. This will help you in creating content that is high in quality and can make your article rank higher.

Today there a lot of options are available in the market and one can get confused when choosing a grammar checker for themselves. So here is a list of grammar checkers with their brief descriptions. 


This is an online grammar checker which can also check the style of the blog/article that is pasted in its text field. Along with checking your document for grammatical mistakes, this tool also provides you with a detailed report of all the errors that are present in the do. This report will surely help you in improving your writing to a significant degree.

ProWritingAid can be used with Google Docs, WordPress and Gmail to eliminate any errors that you might make while typing here. However, if you want to check a PDF file for grammatical errors you need to first convert PDF to Word online. The feature that makes it distinct is that it has an in-app explanation, articles, quizzes and videos that will help you in minimizing your grammatical mistakes. 


This online tool is more than just a spelling checker. Linguix provides writers with advanced grammatical checks and also provides more than two thousand seven hundred advanced grammatical corrections. A distinct feature that this editing tool has is that it allows users to secretly edit files. In this mode Linguix allows you to edit documents and as soon as you complete the edits, no trace of the documents will be left behind. 


Grammarly is no doubt the most used online grammar checker. This tool has updated itself over the years and now it has options where you can check the tonality of your doc and set the tone according to your choice. This tool can be used in Word, so if you have any PDF files that need editing, do not forget to use a PDF to Word converter before using it. This can also be used on any online writing platform by just adding its extension to the browser. Furthermore, Grammarly also comes in the form of a keyboard which can be used on mobiles for editing.  In addition to these features, Grammarly also allows users to switch between different variants of English. You can choose to use Canadian, British or American English in your documents. 

So these were some of the tools that you should keep handy when you are checking a document for grammatical mistakes. This will not only help you make the content look flawless, but will also improve your English. 

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