Things a dental attorney can do for your practice

Starting your dental practice is an exciting journey. Of course, it is more than just about finding a location or drafting a letter of intent. As a dental surgeon or dentist, your immediate focus should be on your practice and providing the best possible care for your patients. Before you can do that, you have to address key aspects, and let’s be honest here – launching a dental practice in California comes with its challenges. Working with a San Diego dental attorney can help you understand what you can do to protect your interests. 

The role of dental attorneys

As the name indicates, these are healthcare attorneys who have experience working and handling dental practices. A good dental attorney can advise you on things like – 

  1. Business law matters
  2. Starting a dental practice
  3. Dental practice transitions
  4. Governance
  5. Regulatory compliance

These lawyers understand the ever-changing state and federal health law regulations, and because they have worked with dental professionals for years, they can help you stay out of trouble. They can also offer inputs on liabilities and risks. 

What to expect?

  1. Comprehensive help to start a dental practice: While you may know the basic aspects of the California Dental Practice Act., your lawyer can offer advice on start-up matters, including aspects like structuring your new practice, finding the right location, and starting a business plan. 
  2. Investing or selling a dental practice: No matter whether you intend to sell your dental practice or buy one, you have to ensure that the agreement is handled professionally. To initiate the transaction, your lawyer will help formulate a letter of intent and can take care of the agreement details. 
  3. Regulatory Compliance: The field of dentistry is highly regulated, just like other branches of healthcare. You need a lawyer to ensure that you are compliant with the state laws and are aware of the requirements. If you run into trouble with the Dental Board of California, your lawyer can help represent you. 

Today, dental attorneys do a wide array of things for dentists, endodontists, periodontists, dental surgeons, and other dental professionals. If you engage an attorney, they can help you with employment contracts, negotiating salaries, and handling matters that concern your staff. The first consultation with most dental attorneys is free in San Diego. Even if you need to pay a token fee to talk to an experienced lawyer, it is definitely worth the price. 

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