The Unconventional Uses Of Slab Serif Fonts

For a modern twist on a classic look, pair a slab serif font with a script font. The contrast between the two will give your design an instant personality boost. Another way to break the mold with slab serif fonts is to use them in unexpected colors, such as dark fonts. They are particularly effective at giving these fonts a fresh, contemporary feel. So feel free to experiment with slab serif fonts. With a little creativity, you can use them in all sorts of unexpected and eye-catching ways.

The Many Faces of Slab Serifs

Slab Serif fonts are becoming increasingly popular, and it’s no wonder why. They add a touch of sophistication to any project while still maintaining a sense of approachability and friendliness. And while they’re often associated with traditional, conservative design, they are quite versatile. As evidenced by the growing number of unconventional uses for slab serif fonts that we’re seeing lately.

One of the most common ways to use slab serif fonts is for headlines and titles. They add instant visual interest and can help break up a text page. But they can also be used for body copy, particularly in larger sizes. This can give your project a modern look while maintaining a classic feel.

For logos and branding, they create a perfect look. They have a strong, bold presence that can help to make your brand stand out. Due to versatility, you can use them from traditional and conservative to modern and edgy. They are the perfect touch for any project.

How to Use Slab Serif Fonts in Unexpected Ways

Here are some tips on how to use slab serif fonts in unexpected ways:

Use them for headlines or other large text.

You can use these fonts for body text, but they can also work well for headlines and other large text. This is because the thick strokes of the letters help to make the text more visible and easier to read.

Use them in conjunction with other fonts.

The fonts will be effective when used in conjunction with other fonts. This helps create a more balanced and interesting design.

Use them for a vintage or retro feel.

Slab serif fonts can give a design a vintage or retro feel. This is because these fonts were often used in designs from this era. If you want to create a vintage or retro design, using a slab serif font can be great.


Slab serif fonts have proven a versatile option for designers looking to break away from traditional typefaces. From their use in logo design and branding to their ability to convey strength and stability in display text, slab serifs from typetype foundry offer unique possibilities for visual communication. The contrast between thick and thin strokes adds depth and character to any design. Whether a modern website or a vintage-inspired poster, slab serifs can provide the perfect touch of creativity and uniqueness. So next time you design, consider exploring the unconventional uses of slab serif fonts to elevate your project’s visual impact.

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