Students, Bookmark These Tools Right Away!

Undoubtedly, technology has made our lives easy and comfortable, especially for students. We have answers to every question just a tap away. It has become almost impossible to imagine our lives without the internet. And with Covid-19 hitting the world in 2020, we have become quite dependent on the internet to perform our daily tasks. 

Students attend their classes online, submit assignments online, and research online- basically, everything is online, even when everything is slowly getting offline. 

Here are some cool tools for students that will help them in their daily lives.

  • Turnitin

Gone are the days when you could just copy your assignments from your friend or topper of the class. Now, when you have to submit your work in document format, it can be easily caught for plagiarism. Turnitin is an online plagiarism checker tool that will allow you to upload your assignment and will show the percentage of plagiarism. It checks for text similarity among various assignments, and you can be easily caught. Make sure to remove any plag-flag from your assignments.

  • PDFSimpli

As students, you are also supposed to submit your assignments in PDF format because of their reliability. PDFSimpli is a PDF editor that allows you to perform various actions on the PDF, like editing, splitting, merging, and exporting the final document to save as PDF others. It is a versatile tool that can be very helpful for students dealing with assignments and documentation and wanting to know how to rotate PDF and save.

  • Google Drive

This cloud-based storage platform can come in very handy for students to share and transfer their files. It also allows you to store 15GB worth of data, which you can access anytime and anywhere from your smartphone and laptop with internet connectivity. It can store files, folders, audio files, video files, and any kind of file. You can also edit the documents using Google Docs, Slides, Sheets, and others. 

  • Skype

The video-conferencing platform can be used by you and your teammates to discuss the project and project progression. It is available to everyone for free, and it is extendable up to a hundred people to join. It is a seamless video conferencing platform that comes in very handy when participants are not available in person to discuss.


Bookmark these websites and tools and never face an issue on how to edit PDFs online, attend video calls, store data, and fear plagiarism in your documents. These tools will come in very helpful in your academic career.

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