Spinal Cord Injuries After A Car Accident- Lookout For These Symptoms. 

Thousands of car accidents occur every day. Out of these, a significant number of accidents damage the victim’s spinal cord. The spinal cord is very delicate. Any damage to the cord or the bony canal surrounding the cord severely injures the spine and leads to adverse complications. A victim may end up being wholly or partially paralyzed below the point of injury. 

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Treating spinal cord injuries requires great medical assistance. In some cases, surgical interventions might be necessary. Paying medical bills, vehicle repair costs, and other bills may stress a victim financially. However, a victim can claim their compensation by filing a personal injury lawsuit with the help of a personal injury attorney Rockford

Symptoms of spinal cord injuries. 

The symptoms of spinal cord injuries may or may not occur immediately. Moreover, these can be classified as complete or incomplete. Complete injuries happen when a victim loses their entire functions below the point of injury. In contrast, incomplete injuries occur when some amount of function is left below the point of injury. 

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Major symptoms of spinal cord injuries include:

  • Loss of movement.
  • Loss of sensation, including the ability to feel changes in temperature and tactile sensation. 
  • Loss of control over bowel or bladder. 
  • High reflex activities or spasms. 
  • Problems with sexual function, sexual sensitivity, and fertility. 
  • Irritation of nerves leaving the spinal cord may lead to extensive pain in the region supplied by the nerve. In some cases, the pain may radiate. 
  • Damage to the spinal cord may also interfere with the breathing pattern of a victim. 

Emergency signs of spinal cord injuries. 

Upon encountering these signs, a victim should look out for immediate medical assistance, as they might end up being paralyzed. 

  • Extreme pain in the back or neck. In some cases, a victim may also feel intense pressure on their back. 
  • Feeling of weakness or unable to balance. This may indicate early signs of paralysis. 
  • A feeling of numbness or a tingling sensation running down a victim’s extremities. 
  • A twisted or an oddly positioned back. 

How can a lawyer help? 

A lawyer can help a victim file a lawsuit on their behalf. Upon filing a lawsuit, victims can demand compensation for their damages and injuries sustained in the accident. All the damages can be compensated if the attorney knows how to tackle the legal complexity. 

A lawyer also helps the victim collect evidence. Having solid evidence helps the lawyer prove the victim’s innocence and strengthen the argument. 

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