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The Social Security Disability application process is complex and can give you a hard time while you are dealing with health issues. Consider hiring an experienced Springdale social security disability attorney who is highly skilled at the Social Security Administration work and can handle various problems arising during the application process. It will improve your chances of getting the claim approved. Check the roles of a Social Security Disability Attorney below:

Thoroughly review your case:

You need to develop a strategy that aims at winning and a compelling story on your case to make it more convincing. Your Social Security Disability Attorney will study and review your case from A to Z and advise the best technique to move forward.

Finalize the application:

Getting the application rejected is a common scenario with Social Security Disability Claims; it is known that 60% of the applications are denied for some reason or the other. One of the most common reasons is an incomplete application. Your attorney will ensure you have your application in place with all the required details.

Collect medical evidence:

These cases are decided on the grounds of medical evidence. Your attorney will collect all the medical evidence you need for your application and sort through heaps of documents for relevant information. He will review your medical records and help gather any additional documents or tests if required. Most attorneys will work directly with your doctor to collect supportive opinion letters and statements.

POC with the Social Security Administration:

The application process is detailed, complex, have formalities and deadlines. Also, the Social Security office has thousands of claims to deal in a given day. Your SSD Attorney acts as a Point of contact with the SSA.

File Appeals: 

Only 30-40% of applications are approved at the initial level. You could file an appeal if your application were among those who were denied. There are various steps in the appeal which are crucial and time-sensitive. Your lawyer will help you with the process.

Act on your behalf at hearings:

Disability claims are mostly decided at the hearing level. If your disability benefits and appeal has denied, you will be allowed to appear before an administrative law judge. Since the hearings are tough to prepare and are stressful, your lawyer ensures that you are well versed and prepared. Although you will be required to speak for yourself, your attorney will represent you at the conference. He will also question your witnesses as well as other experts.

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