Powder Coating Oven Sizes: Can You Use Any Size?

Powder coating oven sizes can vary based on the type of coating being applied, such as a 12x12x7’6 powder coating oven. It is important to choose the correct size powder coating oven for the job at hand. There are a few factors to consider when choosing a powder coating oven, including the type of coating being applied and the amount of material being coated. The size of the oven also affects how quickly the process can be completed.

The majority of manufacturers of industrial-strength powder coating equipment include suggested minimum dimensions for their products or offer placement advice based on the size of your space. Before purchasing an oven, measure the space that is available.

If you’re considering whether to invest in a powder coating oven, it’s important to first measure the space available for it. 

  1. Start by measuring the width and height of the area you want to equip with your oven.
  2. Next, subtract the width of any existing counter or cabinet space. This will give you room on either side of your equipment for moving materials around.
  3. Estimate how much material will fit on each side of your oven (based on the dimensions you measured in Step 1). This will help determine how many rows of equipment your oven should have, as well as how deep it should be.
  4. Figure out how many rows of equipment you’ll have. For example, if your oven takes up the width of 3 cabinets and the height of 2 cabinets, you’ll need one row of equipment for each side.

The requirements for volume

Choosing a powder-coating oven should start with making sure it has enough volume to hold your parts. When calculating how much room your parts will occupy inside of your oven, you should consider their overall dimensions. You should also consider the diameter of the turntable because the components will be mounted on it during the coating process. If you’re coating a large part, it might be best to use two ovens so that the first pass can be completed at a high temperature and the second pass can be completed at a lower temperature.

Overspray control during powder coating

Overspray control during powder coating is an important aspect to consider. If the overspray is not controlled, it can damage the coating and the surrounding area. There are a few different ways to control overspray during powder coating:

1) Use a dust mask when working with powders. This will help reduce the amount of overspray that is created.

2) Use a barrier coat between the substrate and the powder coatings. This will help to prevent any adhesion between the two materials and prevent any overspray from occurring.

3) Keep the spray gun at a low angle while spraying the powder coatings. This will help reduce the amount of overspray that is created.

4) Use a Tip-Up System when spraying powders in order to control the direction of the spray.


Powder coating ovens come in a variety of sizes, so it is definitely possible to use any size. Just make sure the oven is large enough to accommodate the size of your project and that you have the necessary tools and equipment to complete it hertube .

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