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Guest posting has long had a bad reputation. Many “black hat” SEOs abused the practice, spinning and republishing articles across different blogs. Despite this, guest blogging isn’t dead, and it can still be a good way to build backlinks to your website. But there are a few things you should be aware of before submitting your article. Here are some tips to increase your odds of being published on a popular blog.

Blogs with a wide audience

When you’re looking for a way to attract a wide audience and boost your marketing strategy, there are many options available. The following list of sites has wide audience potential and a diverse range of topics. A large part of their audience is composed of consumers who read blogs and websites about a specific topic. A niche blog is a great place to get a highly targeted audience. Although the audience is probably smaller, it makes up for it with its specialized topic.

The first option is Page One Power, which focuses on high-quality SEO-optimized content and builds relationships with bloggers. It also focuses on long-term link building with quality, evergreen content that keeps attracting visitors. The next option, Globex Outreach, claims to be a 360-degree link outreach agency. While it may not have a huge audience, it offers quality connections to over 30,000 blogs.

Once you’ve decided to use paid guest posting sites, make sure to read the guidelines thoroughly before submitting your first post. These guidelines will give you a good idea of what the editors are looking for, and if the site has specific requirements, you’ll know what kind of content to prepare. When it comes to submitting your work, make sure to include links to your website and relevant social media accounts.

Blogs with strong domain authority

Choosing high-quality guest posting service opportunities is critical for your website’s success. Guest posting on sites with high domain authority will have a higher SEO impact because these blogs are more likely to attract relevant traffic and link back to your site. You should be sure to select blogs with high domain authority because blogs on subdomains will not provide as much SEO benefit. Also, blogs on strong domain authority will be visited by more people every month, which means more readers for your guest posts. However, this doesn’t mean that guest posting on these blogs is as easy as writing 500 words on a page or joining some shady backlink directories.

The link map is your road map for your backlink strategy, and it will help you choose the right sites to target. A link map helps you choose the best sites and will generate an anchor text suggestion. The links you choose must be relevant, contextual, and useful. Also, mix up your anchor text, as using one keyword for all of your links is not good SEO practice. You can track your progress in SEO by using tools such as Ahrefs.

The top blogs to target when choosing a paid guest posting site are those with high domain authority. For example, creative has a DA of 87 and serves over 4 million readers monthly. has a domain authority of 74 and is read by 200k people monthly. Paid guest posting sites visit blogs with strong domain authority to build their link popularity and increase their page ranking.

Blogs that accept guest posts

The first step in getting your blog published on blogs that accept guest posts from paid guest posting sites is to find a high-quality site. The domain authority of a blog will influence the amount of traffic it can generate, and guest posts on high-quality sites can be extremely beneficial. However, it is crucial to carefully review the guidelines for each site before applying for a guest posting spot. For example, some sites require that guest posts be 2,000 words or more, or be written in a casual tone. Others prefer that the post be of high technical content, and still others have no requirements.

In addition to traffic, guest posting sites also help blog owners to gain backlinks and referrer traffic. Dofollow links on guest posting sites pass SEO value to the host blog, which helps it rank higher in search engines. However, guest posts are not enough to ensure a high-ranking position in search results. To achieve the best results, bloggers should create strict editorial guidelines and make sure that the guest posts are of high-quality, and do not contain low-quality external links.


For example, an SEO for WordPress blog is an excellent fit for an SEO guest post, and the blog’s editor Josh Barney has specific guidelines for what they are looking for in a guest post. A post on social media, for example, should discuss the use of social media. The guidelines for submissions can be found on the site, and the editor can be reached on Twitter or LinkedIn. It is important to note that these blogs will review unsolicited content within a few weeks.

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