Medical marijuana Alternatives to help relax

Did you know that there are many types of plants and plants? That is not only beautiful but only the appearance. There are some important substances that humans have discovered within the plant that have become valuable medicines, such as Metformin (Metformin), a drug for maintaining blood sugar levels. Doctors now use it as the first drug used in diabetics. Cough syrup and a strong painkiller called morphine (morphine) are extracted from opium, a plant classified as a narcotic drug.

“Cannabis” is one of the plants that contain essential substances inside. Humans know this plant is widely used as a medicinal property in one era. Later, when marijuana was regulated as a drug, it was banned from use in the medical field. But there are still a small number of villagers who use it as a medicine to treat some symptoms with folk wisdom. Until the scientist Has come to solve the mystery until becoming a body of knowledge about modern medical marijuana until ” marijuana” has returned to be a plant that has received attention again, including in Thailand has allowed Cannabis can be grown and used for medicinal purposes. And unlock some cannabis. It is no longer a narcotic drug.

what is Cannabis

Cannabis” or cannabis plant is a biennial plant of the genus Cannabis sativa L. in the family Cannabaceae. Stems up to 2 m tall. The leaves are deeply lobed into the peduncles, varying according to the species. Green flowers, leaves, and female inflorescences. The dried place is called marijuana curry, initially used to mix tobacco. Has intoxicating properties, including euphoria, relaxation, and increased appetite. Undesirable side effects sometimes cause decision making, decreased short-term memory, impaired movement skills, and feeling paranoid or anxious.

And due to today’s cannabis light industry is being seen as an ingredient in food products, including the production of various medicines, so this is very informative for you cannabis light cycle.

Cannabis compounds used in medicine

Medical cannabis compounds Most commonly used inflorescences. This is because more essential substances can be extracted than other parts by storing and extracting the essence from the unfertilized female cannabis flower. Trichomes, an essential part of the cannabis plant, contain THC, CBD, and more than 400 other compounds and select high-quality seeds as they bloom. A hybrid strain has outstanding THC (THC) and CBD (CBD) and has internationally recognized medical standards. The extraction process will obtain the required amount of essential substances and, regularly, free from pathogens pesticides. And free from heavy metal contamination.

However, the tricolor is harvested with a magnifying glass at least 100 times to ensure accuracy. Then dried in a clean room with the appropriate temperature humidity and extracted by the process until the remaining cbd öl is clear, no sediment, no chlorophyll. It is used to dilute and produce a sublingual drop of cbd öl with known concentrations of THC and CBD in mg/ml so that physicians can calculate the appropriate dosage or dosage for each patient and each disease. and effective for the treatment.

cbd ölis available in a sublingual drop for the drug to be more effective and absorbed into the body than the oral capsule form. The concentration of the drug can be diluted according to the requirements of the prescribing physician and the disease being treated.

Valid for the treatment of diseases and symptoms as follows:

  • nausea and vomiting in patients receiving chemotherapy
  • Epilepsy that is difficult to treat and drug-resistant epilepsy
  • muscle spasms in patients with cerebral palsy
  • chronic pain conditions central nervous pain that other treatment methods have been ineffective.
  • Anorexia in low-weight AIDS patients
  • improve quality of life in terminally ill patients who received palliative treatment

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