Make Your Documentation Work Easier With These PDF Features

Documentation productivity is something we all need in our lives to ensure a smooth working style. We deal with documentation in our offices, colleges, schools, labs, and many other places. When you submit a document somewhere, its format makes a lot of impact on the receiver. 

PDF or Portable Document Format is one such file format, that is preferred by maximum people and places. For seamless documentation, you need to be well-acquainted with the excellent features of PDFs. They are widely used since the year 2008 when they were declared as an open standard.

Let us explore how PDF and its features can make our documentation easy.

1. The Consistency Feature

When they say PDFs are the most reliable file format, it is said that the content of PDFs does not change even when you share it on different platforms. If you want to share a document, convert it to PDF and then share it. The receiver will view the content in the exact manner you sent it.

2. The Security Feature

We are sharing a lot of information about ourselves online, and we need to be extra careful while sending documents that have sensitive information about us. Such documents can be converted to PDFs and then password-protected. Password encryption saves our information even if it falls prey to the wrong person.

3. The Compression Ability

Often, when we fill out any form online, it comes with restrictions like “Upload document in PDF under 500kb”. There are many online tools like PDFSimpli that can help you resize PDF under the given limit. The other file formats that contain images, tabular data, or graphical content are very huge, but PDFs can be easily compressed without compromising much on the quality of content. You can simply Google the best PDF compressor online and compress the file. 

4. The e-Signing Feature

With WFH becoming a norm in many places, the concept of e-Signing was a necessity. You cannot go to the office just to sign a document. PDFs come with the feature of e-signature, which can save a lot of time and paper. 

5. The Ease Of Conversion

You can easily convert PDFs to other file formats and perform vice versa too. It can make editing documentation easy as PDFs are read-only file formats. 


The versatility of PDFs is incomparable to any other file format as of now. It has been two decades of using PDFs already and there is nowhere close to stopping.

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