Let the Cool Summer Breeze in With a Screen Door

Summertime is upon us and with it comes those wonderful terms like heat index, sunglasses, pollen count, sundress and lemonade. What is also a staple of the summer season is the need to keep the places where we spend the most of our time properly ventilated. While not the only way, a well placed screen door could help alleviate many of the seasonal issues the summer brings: the bugs, the random weather changes and the regulation of light. But there are surprisingly many different types of screen doors and ways they can be installed. What follows is a guide of sorts of the varying options of screen doors available and why everyone should think about investing into getting one for their households and their place of business.

What Are The Different Types of Screen Doors Available?

Screen doors differ in appearance, material composition, and price as well as in how they operate, how they install, and how they fit with entry doors. Most screen doors are reversible so that they can open on the same side as entry doors. Traditional screen doors top the list for popularity because they’re used in the majority of homes. Simple to install, these screen doors use hinges to mount to the trim of the exterior door and come in an array of material choices, including but not limited to vinyl, wood, and aluminum, and they are a choice that complements every decor style, from traditional to modern farmhouse.

There are two types of retractable screen doors: flexible and retractable screen storm doors. With a flexible retractable screen door, the screen rolls up into a special casing installed along one of the door’s side jambs. A track located at the top and bottom of the door holds the screen in place. With retractable screen storm doors, on the other hand, they work in accordance with storm doors. These storm doors contain a screen panel that slides out of the way when not in use by rolling up the screen into the top of the door where it’s stored.

One of the more common applications of screen doors, the sliding screen door operates by using two rollers positioned on the bottom of doors that fit and slide along a track located at the top and the bottom of door frames. Most sliding doors come equipped with standard patio latches that lock and fasten in place. While the locks don’t offer much security, they certainly can keep the screen from sliding open in the wind.

Magnetic screen doors make an ideal choice for pet owners because these doors allow the pets to let themselves in and out without needing a pet door (although there are options for magnetic pet doors). There are select companies that make magnetic screen doors out of mesh covers or fiberglass that attach to door frames with adhesive. They have two panels that meet the center of the door opening where the edges are magnetized. To enter and exit, a person could just walk through the center, and the two panels come apart. When they are through the screen, the edges would automatically come back together, almost like magic.

When security is a must-have, people should consider a security screen door for their entryway. These have a metal framework filled with a pattern of bars that provides security while letting air and light through. They can be locked at night leaving the main door open to take advantage of cool breezes. Because an intruder could break the screen and reach in to access a lock, these doors often include double-cylinder deadbolt locks that use a key from both sides. For safety, it is important to keep a key inside near the door so that no one can be locked inside during an emergency. Most security screen doors are constructed with heavy-duty frames, mitered corners, and square-tube pickets that deter burglars from trying to force entry. A steel door should be chosen rather than aluminum for better durability. Security screen doors can come in various decorative styles and in powder coat finishes, making these doors as stylish in appearance as they are secure.

A storm door is a secondary outer door that adds an extra layer of insulation protecting the home from the elements. Storm doors come as full-view storm doors with interchangeable glass and screen panels and as partial view, or combination, doors with sliding window panes that open to let in fresh air. Storm doors typically include their own frames that mount to the exterior door trim. Most storm doors are lockable and offer some level of security. Less than a security door but quite a bit more than a standard screen door with a simple lock.

Why Should Every Home Have A Screen Door?

As mentioned before the reasons for installing a screen door could be numerous however here are a few reasons in greater detail. Screen doors are great for energy efficiency. When the sliding glass panel covers the screen portion of the storm door, this additional layer covering the front entrance can reduce air leaks and increase the energy efficiency of your home all year round. This has the potential to lower energy bills plus prevent uncomfortable drafts.

During the summer season is normally when there is a serious uptick in pests around the home. To combat that, screen doors are darn near essential. They keep pests out but allow air in. Screen doors have mainly mesh panels with a solid frame. The idea is that flying insects, and even ground-based pests won’t be able to get into your home or at least would have an extremely hard time breaching this last line of defense.

Speaking about air moving in and the house around the house, ventilation is important. Especially during the hotter months when fresh air needs to be moving around the house to keep cool. Screen doors can, in addition, help to control the temperature and keep the house feeling fresh.

The beauty of summer is normally the amount of light that is now available for regular viewing outside. Most people’s mood improves when they are exposed to natural sunlight on a regular basis. So it is good that the standard mesh allows the light to pour through a screen door maximizing the amount of light in a person’s home, ensuring that home feels brighter, more spacious, and even warmer for occupants and welcomed guests.

As strange as it may seem, an ordinary mesh screen door could really be helpful in offering an extra layer of protection against the weather. It is designed to be a snug fit, reducing the amount of wind and rain that can get to the main door. This reduces energy loss and the entry of cold air. It can also protect your door from damage by the weather.

If the decision is made to install a screen door, it should be able to last quite a few decades. They are quite adaptable with regards to the overall design of a home and can be ordered in any type of color that would match the current look of a home. In fact one could boldly say that ideally every household or every summer home should be outfitted with some form of screen door. In order for a person, or a group of people, to properly get the most enjoyment at home during, what can be a balmy, hot and breezy summer season.

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