Learn How to Burrito Your Cat in 8 Simple Steps

Cat burritos? Are you serious?

Many people know a burrito as a popular Mexican dish in which a flatbread is rolled around a savory filling usually made of minced beef or beans. However, people who want to know about “Cat Burrito” can ask feline pet parents what it means. For the unversed, a cat burrito is a safe handling technique, not a dish. In this method, a cat is wrapped in a towel to resemble a burrito.

Most cats don’t like being touched or controlled by people, including their hooman, household members, guests, and other strangers. They can quickly hiss, scratch, bite, and create all sorts of mayhem in the house when people try to hold them firmly. It is usually the case when cat owners want to perform pet grooming chores or physical examination of their body parts like eyes, ears, mouth, etc.

Cats can hurt themselves and others in close proximity while resisting human efforts to restrain them. It is precisely why cat owners should consider purchasing cat insurance in NZ. A cheap cat insurance policy can cover a cat’s medical care during accidents, injuries, pet health emergencies, and more. However, the best pet policy provides comprehensive health coverage and more value.

While you make your pet insurance choices, read this article to learn how to burrito your cat in a few simple steps.

Step 1:

Spread the towel flat on a solid surface like a table, counter, bed, or floor. Lay the towel in a landscape/horizontal orientation.

Step 2:

Motivate your kitty by offering some treats, toys, and words of affection/praise. Gently pick them up and hold them in your arms.

Step 3:

Estimate the towel width and place your kitty more or less in the middle of the towel.

Step 4:

Hold the back of your kitty’s neck with one hand and apply slight pressure with the other hand to help your kitty lie down. If the kitty refuses to lie down initially, don’t force them to comply with your demands. Slowly they may modify their position as you begin wrapping.

Step 5:

Hold one of the top towel corners, turn it around, and fix it over your kitty’s back so that only the kitty’s head is exposed. Tuck the tail towards one side smoothly, hold the other top towel corner, wrap it around the neck, and then secure it over your kitty’s back. Also, make sure the kitty’s paws are inside the towel.

Step 6:

If the towel is too long, you might have to do about one or two extra rounds of wrapping. In a case like that, gently lift the partially wrapped kitty and give them a tiny treat or a lickable to get busy with while you finish the towel wrap.

Step 7:

Cat burrito is now ready. Brace your wrapped fur ball against your body so you can give medicines, administer eye/ear drops, clean ears, etc.

Step 8:

Leave one/both paws or tail out of the towel to accomplish nail clipping or fur trimming tasks.

Remember not to let go of your cat burrito until you have finished grooming, examining, or giving medicines to your pet. At the same time, don’t compel your kitty when they are not in the mood for something. Kitty can backfire in ways unknown. Sometimes the retribution doesn’t end with hisses and yowls; it can lead to injuries, accidents, and more.

Cat insurance NZ can help you support your munchkin with superior medical care during unanticipated pet health situations and covered health conditions. Think about your fur baby’s health needs, policy coverage, and affordability so you can purchase a suitable cheap cat insurance plan.

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