Is Your Personal Injury Severe Enough For A Claim?

After suffering a car accident due to someone else’s negligence, you may want to seek compensation. One question that may arise during this time is whether your injury is severe enough for a claim. 

While there is no definition of a “claim-worthy” injury, a Jackson, WY personal injury lawyer can help you find out whether you have a case. If you are confused, you should consult an expert and move forward with the process rather than wasting your time. 

What is considered a severe personal injury?

In general, catastrophic injuries are considered severe injuries. While the law does not have a definition of catastrophic, it usually means injuries that have significantly affected your life and led to long-term disability or disfigurement. Such injuries may require one or multiple surgeries or a lengthy rehabilitation process. In some cases, the person may not ever fully recover.  read more  : topworldzone

Your condition is severe if various aspects of your life have changed after the accident. For example, you may be unable to return to your work and be forced to take up a low-paying job due to your disability or illness. 

Another thing to note is that catastrophic injuries can be mental as well. Brain injuries leading to loss of mental abilities are included in severe injuries. The person may be traumatized for life, leading to phobias and mental illnesses such as depression and anxiety. Such conditions can greatly affect them as well as their family’s life.

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How to determine whether your injury is severe enough?

As a person who does not have in-depth knowledge of the law, you should not make decisions regarding filing a lawsuit or a compensation claim all on your own. It is recommended to consult with an attorney. They can look into your case, analyze the facts, evidence, figure out missing elements and determine whether you should be filing a claim or not. 

An attorney may also take the help of a medical professional to determine whether your injuries are severe enough for a claim. It is advised to see your physician and get your condition diagnosed immediately after an accident. It helps record the extent of your injuries while they are still fresh and discover internal injuries and potential complications. 

Your attorney can review your medical reports and speak with your doctor to determine whether your condition is severe enough for building a case. 


Accident injuries can negatively impact your life. If you have suffered from another person’s fault, you should not sit quietly and endure the pain. A skilled attorney can assist you in your pursuit of compensation and get you the amount you deserve. 

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