Is Selling Gold and Silver Profitable?

In times of major crises, such as a financial Buy silver bullion Perth meltdown or currency crash, gold and silver coins and bars are often sought-after for safety. In normal times, though, these assets may become expensive relative to other assets – making them an attractive investment if you’re looking for ways to recoup some losses.

1. It is a form of investment

If you’re searching for a way to diversify your investment portfolio or simply make some extra income, Selling your gold and silver can be a lucrative endeavour. While it requires considerable time and effort on your part, if you do your due diligence and take the right steps, the rewards could be substantial.

Contrary to other investments, precious metals do not fluctuate in value based on investor sentiment. The prices of gold and silver are mostly determined by supply and demand factors.

Therefore, when selling gold and silver, you must guarantee a fair price for your product. This can usually be accomplished by comparing premiums from multiple dealers.

2. It is a form of insurance

Gold and silver should be a significant component of your portfolio as insurance against global economic volatility. Not only do they offer protection against financial and economic crises, but they can also act as a store of wealth if the need arises to rebalance your holdings.

When selling your gold and silver bullion, it is essential that you select the right dealer in order to receive the highest possible price for your metals. Dealers make money through the difference between buying and selling prices – known as the spread – between their selling prices.

Ideally, your gold and silver should be stored at an approved storage facility with a reliable bullion dealer. Doing this allows for maximum profits should the precious metals appreciate significantly and ensures you lock in a profitable price when selling them.

Additionally, you should consider storing your gold and silver in an emergency kit or safe deposit box at the bank. Unfortunately, these facilities often do not insure contents; thus, it is recommended that you purchase your own insurance policy to safeguard your investment.

3. It is a form of collectible

If you are a silver and gold collector, or have amassed coins or bars with significant monetary value, selling them could be an option. This can be done through various venues such as online coin dealers, pawn shops, auctions and more.

Precious metals stand apart from other forms of currency due to their independence from government policy or paper currencies and can serve as financial insurance and a safe haven during times of stress. This makes them highly sought-after investments by individuals and institutions alike.

Selling gold and silver can be lucrative, yet it’s not always easy to determine whether it is wise. A variety of factors, including the type of bullion you possess and its storage location, may affect its resale value; additionally, the IRS may require you to pay taxes on any profits made from selling precious metals.

4. It is a form of currency

Gold and silver are both liquid assets, easily exchangeable or bartered with non-monetary government issued currencies. Furthermore, they act as a store of value.

Gold and silver prices fluctuate according to the local currency of the nation in which they are traded, so it is essential to know what your gold and silver are worth in your home currency.

One of the best ways to determine this value is by using a price calculator. There are plenty of websites and calculators online that will give you an accurate assessment of how much your precious metal is worth in local currencies.


Investing in gold and silver is an excellent way to generate additional income from your investment. However, it is essential to be aware that any profits generated from the sale of your metals are subject to taxes – this is known as capital gains tax.

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