Insider’s Guide to Long Island

Long Island is more than just where half of NYC’s residents live: it’s a cultural hub that can impress and wow anyone who visits.

So whether you’ve been to Long Island before, or you’re new to it and aren’t sure what to do while you’re here, these are some of the top locations and facts to think about while here.

The Brooklyn Botanic Garden

If you love plants and want to take in some true natural beauty while you’re in town, visit the Brooklyn Botanic Garden.  This garden is home to countless gorgeous plants worldwide, ranging from trees to tiny rare flowers.  You won’t believe all of the different species you can learn about, each with its own label and placard so that you can identify them.

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The Brooklyn Botanic Garden is the place to go if you want to get away from the city’s rush and stress of daily life.  Not only is it quiet and peaceful, but you also won’t find cleaner air anywhere else within fifty miles.

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Birthplace of the First Video Game

This fact is often debated, but many claim that the first video game, Tennis For Two, was created on Long Island over fifty years ago.  This game is simple; those who have played Pong would recognize many similarities in it. That said, how simple it is doesn’t change the immense amount of skill and creativity that was put into creating it, and it’s something that Long Island proudly claims as the first video game ever created.

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Brooklyn Bridge Park

Brooklyn Bridge itself is a stressful clutter of noise and honking: but this park that overlooks it is far enough away that you don’t have to feel that stress.  The Brooklyn Bridge Park overlooks the bridge and the water below, and allows you to sit back and enjoy being outside on green grass.

Many families love this as a picnic spot, while others enjoy using the park for recreational sports, biking, and even jogging.  This is a great escape from traffic and stress and is a well-kept secret amongst locals.  

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While looking at Long Island houses for sale, consider stopping in and visiting the MoMA PS1!  This museum has some of the most experimental and cutting-edge art being created and offers a glimpse into the minds of the newest artists in the city. If You Need More Information Visit f95zone

Live art shows are put on every month, allowing you to watch creatives put their skills to use, and although tourists do have to pay a small fee, NYC residents get to visit this museum for free.

Museum of the Moving Image

While we’re talking about creative and groundbreaking art, the Museum of the Moving Image is another great space to drink in inspiration and learn more about the creative process.

Exploring everything from how movies are made to how video games, and music videos, are created, you can learn about the production of your favorite visual media while drinking in fine art made to replicate that feeling.  Every inch of this museum is creative, from the structure itself to the art it hosts. For more information visit this site: F95zone

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