Important Things to Know When Injured in a Connecticut Uber Accident

Uber and other rideshare companies have changed the way people go to places in Connecticut. Whenever you need a ride, you can use a mobile application to request a vehicle to pull up to you. However, as with other motor vehicles, Uber cars can get into accidents. And you can suffer severe injuries because of them including facial injuries, chest contusions, concussions, head injuries, paralysis, spinal cord injuries, and others. If you have sustained an injury in this kind of accident, you must contact a connecticut uber accident attorney and discuss your legal options with them. 

Securing Compensation for Injuries in an Uber Accident

The monetary compensation you will get from an accident claim depends on a lot of factors including the party who caused the crash and whether you were an Uber driver or driving another vehicle hit by an Uber car. Also, whether or not you contributed to the accident by acting or driving negligently must be determined. 

If you were an Uber passenger when the accident happened, you can file a claim on the at-fault driver’s insurance. This driver may be an Uber driver or a motorist on the road. The situation can get complicated when an Uber driver hit a pedestrian or motorist. The insurance amount depends on whether the Uber driver was logged into their company’s application and had a passenger when the crash took lifestylefun place.

An Uber accident attorney will analyze your case to determine the party responsible for the accident and the factors involved with your claim, as well as negotiate fair settlements for it. Usually, insurance providers the lowest settlement amount to close a claim. They will contact claimants quickly after the crash with a lowball offer. 

What to Do After an Uber Accident

After an Uber accident, you must report it to the police and request an ambulance if necessary. This helps you get checked directly after the crash. Also, you must take photos or videos of the crash as they may help you prove fault for the accident. Take pictures of the license plates of the vehicles involved, their makes and models, the drivers, their passengers, intersections, and street names. 

Moreover, get information from the drivers involved, including their names and insurance details. Then, speak with any witnesses and ask what exactly they saw. Also, try to ask for their names and contact information as you might need to reach out to them later. Go to a doctor, so your injuries can be treated. Follow the treatment plan of your doctor. Hire a lawyer and let them handle communications with the insurance company. 

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