How You Can Kit Out Your Office on a Tight Budget

When you start your new business, you may want to have all entirely new items in your office, but it may not be prudent to fork out lots of money at this stage. Money invested into other areas of your business may be far better spent – for instance, hiring additional help or stock items that could be used in manufacturing (if you are setting up your business in that particular industry).

Your furniture, for instance, can be replaced at a later date when your business is sound and there are plenty of customer orders filling your order book. However, in the short-term, finding cheaper options for kitting out your office would be more beneficial.

#1 Sourcing Furniture

One of the most obvious places to look would be on the internet. A certain well-known auction site will have all kinds of furniture added daily, including office furniture. Of course, a lot of sellers do mark their items as collection only, but you should be aware that you can often organize the collection by way of a courier or shipping business, such as Shiply. However, you make sure that the seller is happy with this form of collection and be sure to pay them before the furniture is collected.

It will be totally up to you to organize the collection and delivery yourself. Liaise with the seller to ensure that you are both thinking of the same day and preferably provide a time for collection, although some shipping businesses will want a contact number for the seller, so they can get in touch regarding delivery information, such as updates, on the day.

#2 Obtaining Equipment

When it comes to obtaining your equipment and technology, you may find that you can rent the items that you need. This will work out to be more expensive in the long term rather than purchasing items from new, but in the short term, it will keep funds in your pocket and provide you with quality tech to run your business with.

There are also other advantages to renting technology, rather than purchasing straight from the local store. If, for instance, there is a problem or an issue with the running of any piece of equipment, you will be able to get it replaced without any hassle reducing the amount of downtime that could be caused within your business. Another perk is that you are likely to be able to get your hands on top-of-the-range products that you may not have been able to afford until your business is swimming in money.

#3 Asking Around

Keeping your ear to the ground and approaching businesses that are going through a refit could be another option to obtain the furniture that you will require. Of course, it is not just business refits where unwanted items – generally with a lot of use in them – are thrown out. There are also those companies that are having difficulties and are working through the stages of closing down.

Here, it could be beneficial for both parties if a bit of money was to change hands before foreclosure for some equipment or furnishings.

Final Thoughts

Being able to save a little bit of money at the start of a business venture is a good thing and you do not have to be embarrassed about this. It shows a shrewd mind and financial cunning. After all, you can replace any outdated pieces at a later date when the funds are readily available for your refit. apps session

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