How to Determine What Kind of Driver You are

In all aspects of life, no two people are exactly the same. That idea extends into everything we do and is especially true with how we all drive. Even with that in mind, it’s still fair to say there are different types of drivers. This can even be broken down into further categories than just experienced drivers and new ones. Thinking about it in terms of the kind of driver you are might not be something you’ve done before but it’s worth examining. 

Paying attention to your strengths and weaknesses could make all the difference between avoiding an accident on the road or getting involved in one and needing to find yourself a car accident lawyer to make sure you aren’t being taken advantage of by the other driver involved or their insurance company. 

The New Driver

There’s nothing wrong with being this. We all started somewhere. Many of us aren’t going to remember it, but there was a time where each of us were on the road by ourselves for the first time. If you’ve only been driving for a couple of months, this is where you are now and that’s okay.

The most important thing is to know your limits. You’ll get better, and more comfortable, over time but for now keep things simple. If you feel distracted with your friends in the car, drive alone as much as possible. If you feel better having someone you trust at your side, like a trusted adult, that’s okay too.

The Distracted One

Distractions will come in various forms so don’t think that just because you aren’t on your phone while you’re driving that you aren’t distracted. If you are someone who likes to text and drive you are absolutely a distracted driver and it’s best to break that habit immediately. Constantly taking phone calls while in the car counts as distracted too. 

You might even be someone who has to make sure the perfect song is on for every mile they travel. Sure, the right song can make the moment but caring about it too much can also make you get in an accident.

 A distracted driver can also be someone with too much on their mind. It’s not always easy to shake the things that are bothering us, but if you are always thinking about something else, make the effort to focus more on the road in front of you. 

The Overly Cautious 

You might be this driver and never even thought of it as a problem but if this is you, it might be time to reevaluate how you are on the road. The overly cautious driver, who would rather go much slower than the speed limit, can be just as dangerous as the person who wants to go much faster than what’s legally allowed in a particular road. 

These worried drivers can be especially noticeable on the highway. If you are someone who likes to go 40 on an interstate where the speed limit is closer to 70, it’s okay if you’re uncomfortable but avoiding the highways as much as possible is going to be safer for you and everyone else on the road. Going much slower than everyone can really be just as, in not more, dangerous than going much faster.

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