How to Decorate With Acrylic Keychains?

Acrylic, or PMMA or plexiglass, is a type of plastic polymer. It has excellent transparency, chemical stabilizer and weather resistance.

At Vograce, we make a wide range of acrylic keychain that are transparent, colourful, glittering, epoxy-coated, holographic, rainbow-like, replaceable, rotating, and silver/gold-plated.


If you want a unique gift idea, consider making personalized acrylic keychains. They’re ideal for birthday gifts, housewarming or holiday gifts, Mother’s Day/Father’s Day/Christmas gifts and more!

Besides being functional, these keychains also look fantastic. They’re easy to customize and add a personal touch to your gifts! You can paint them with different colours or engrave them with your favourite designs. You can even attach charms or stickers to make them even more special!

To personalize your acrylic keychains, you’ll need a few things: vinyl, an acrylic blank, and transfer tape. Here’s how to do it:

First, remove the film from your blank so you can easily see the design on your vinyl. Then, weed out all the excess vinyl from your design. This is especially important if you’re using patterned vinyl.

Next, cut out your design and backing piece on your Cricut machine. Using registration marks to ensure everything lines up is a good idea.

Once your design is ready, apply a thin layer of clear transfer paper to the top of your design. Rub the transfer paper firmly until it adheres to your design, leaving the white backing behind. Peel the transfer paper up, and your design should come with it.

Now that your design is printed on suitable adhesive vinyl, it’s time to transfer it to the acrylic blank! It’s best to be gentle when removing the film from your blank because it can scratch and lift.

When applying your design to the acrylic blank, ensure the vinyl words and images are positioned where you want them. You can rub firmly to help them adhere to the blank, and then remove the transfer paper when you’re done!


Acrylic keychains are a popular way to decorate and accessorize your style. They can be customized with colours, shapes and patterns. These keychains are also affordable and are made from high-quality materials.

Acrylic, or PMMA or plexiglass, is a durable and lightweight plastic in many different colours and styles. Its transparent, weather-resistant, and easy-to-customize properties make it an excellent material for creating acrylic charms.

Yourstuffmade offers a variety of customizable acrylic keychains in many different colours. These are perfect for decorating gifts or adding to your collection. These are excellent gifts for friends and family because they can be personalized with their names, initials or a phrase that means something to them.

Colour acrylic keychains come in various shapes, including rectangle, square, round and oval. They are made from a high-quality, durable material yet easy to clean and maintain.

To create personalized coloured acrylic keychains, remove the protective film from both sides of an acrylic blank. Apply a paint strip to one side, let it dry, and then flip the blank over.

Next, use a fine-tip paint marker for lettering your words or message on the other side of the blank. Feel free to embellish your letters and phrases with gold dots, glitter, or other fun details! Once your words are complete, add a thin layer of Mod Podge to help prevent the paint from chipping off.

Now you’re ready to create personalized coloured acrylic keychains using your Cricut! Follow these simple steps, and you’ll have a great-looking finished product.


The possibilities are endless for using shaped acrylic custom keychains to decorate! They make adorable gift tags, stylish luggage tags and a great way to accessorize your style.

They can be cut in any shape and even have an engraving done to make them extra special. They’re a great way to show off your creative side, and you can even get the kids involved!

You can use transparent glitter vinyl to create these cute keychains, which look excellent on clear acrylic. It also layers well, so you can only cut your design once!

Once you’ve cut your vinyl, weed out any leftover pieces. Be sure to remove the coating of your blanks first so you can apply your vinyl correctly.

Next, line up your design on your blank and gently place your transfer tape over it. Ensure your design is lined up perfectly and centred on the blank before you peel back the tape.

Repeat this step for all of the keychains you’re making. When you’re all done, add a tassel (if your blanks come with one) and attach the keychain hardware to your keychains.

Another excellent option for a layered design on your keychains is to use an image that’s a solid colour on one side and a patterned background on the other. You can even use a different colour for each side to have a custom look on your keychains!

You can paint the edges with glittery paint to add a touch of shimmer to your acrylic DIY keychains. This gives them a unique look, and it also helps to make the decals stick better!

You can also use a fine-tip paint marker to add words or designs to the front of your keychains. This is an excellent option if you want to make your keychains stand out, and it can be an affordable way to do it!

You can also engrave your acrylic keychains with the Cricut Maker. This tool is easy to use and can make any project look stunning!


Creating personalized acrylic keychains is a great way to decorate your bags and backpacks or even a decorative ornament for your home. They’re also a great way to make unique gifts for friends and family or a particular party.

Whether you’re making a Christmas decoration or an adorable gift for your friends, creating an appealing design that will match your theme and fit your style is essential. Patterns are an excellent way to achieve this, and they’re easy to add to any DIY project.

You can use a variety of patterns to make your keychains more enjoyable, such as paint brush strokes or a pattern that features geometric shapes. You can even add text to a design to create a personal touch.

When deciding on a pattern, think about what you want the design to say and what it will represent. For example, a pattern that includes a lot of circles or squares can give a minimalist look, but a more detailed pattern can add depth and character to your project jmdhindi.

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