How to Deal with Head Lice at Home Using Home Remedies

As a parent, most of us have been there. Think of this situation, your child comes home from an overnight stay with a group of friends, and one of the parents has informed you that someone in the group has a headache. It’s a nightmare- not because your child is unclean in any way, but because of how quickly they can spread from one head to another. If you have caught the problem early enough, then this shouldn’t be a problem as you can treat them efficiently and they can go on with their life with head lice as a thing of the past. However, while most people or over the counter pharmacists would advise you to use a lice treatment that involves chemicals, there are other ways to get around treating headlice without resorting to using chemicals all over the head. Here at We Buy Any House, we have compiled our top home remedies on how you can treat head lice at home.

Try Wet Combing:

The first thing you can try to treat headlice is using a wet comb. Wet combing is the most traditional method to treating headlice and has been recognised by the British Medical Journal as an effective way to treat headlice. This is because it works in a way that makes the head lice more visible, therefore allowing you to treat them more effectively. It involves putting conditioner on strands of hair that are wet, and then combing them through with a fine-toothed comb and using a magnifying glass to remove them one by one.

Smother with Oil:

It sounds pretty random, but smothering your hair with oil will allow you to kill the the headlice without actually doing too much. Lather the hair with either almond or olive oil, and then comb through. Some people recommend using Vaseline or mayonnaise,  however this can be pretty messy and hard to wash out.

Use a Salt Water Spray:

Using a salt water spray is one of the most efficient ways to kill headlice, and its easy enough for you to make it at home. By doing this, you will easily be able to kill the lingering headlice on the head.

Clean the House:

Once you have killed all the headlice, its then a good idea to have a deep clean around your house. By doing this, you will stop the head lice from being able to jump and latch from different furniture and people who live in your house. Although head lice don’t live far from the scalp, it’s advised that you wash any clothes or bedding using extremely hot water and then place them in a hot dryer for 15 minutes to ensure all the lice has been killed.

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