Getting Things Done With Ease — Project Management Tools Every Business Needs

With seemingly different options available on the internet, it could be overwhelming to choose a project management tool that would help you organize and complete projects within the deadline no matter where you are working from. Often businesses make the mistake of going for random tools because they are frustrated and paying subscriptions for features that would not be needed at all. 

Keep in mind the project management tool you go for should be able to meet your company’s requirements and needs. Here are some of the most notable project management tools from which you could take your pick.


This is a favorite pick in the corporate business world because of the several easy-to-use features it offers. With cards, lists, and different boards, this is flexible and pretty simple. Here, you would create a project board and then invite others to collaborate, and later set up cards to sort different data. 

With the project board, every minute detail of your project would be in front of you from team comments to the due date. Again, if you are new to the concept of a project management tool, then Trello helps you have a great start. This is available for free, and there is a paid version too where you have to pay $9.99 for the Business Class tier. 


Another project management tool that helps you prioritize your projects efficiently and manage everything from strategic initiatives, and meetings to small projects. Asana would help you organize your project details on the sidebar and tasks. You could present your project using calendars, boards, lists, and others, it also allows you to organize your work in columns and sections. 

When you create a task, you could add an assignee, add comments, attach files to it and also give instructions. There are four basic plans or tiers when it comes to Asana including Basic, Premium, Business, and Enterprise. Basic, you would get for free while Premium, Business is priced at $10.99, and $24.99 respectively.  


This is a cloud-based collaborative project management tool. This tool is a robust one and helps you communicate with your team seamlessly. There are two features you can make use of, including project management and team collaboration. With the former feature, you could manage tasks, and track dates, assignments, resources as well as time. 

View your workload and customize the data the way you want. If your team comprises 5 people, then you could use this tool for free, and it is available not just in English but in other languages too. It has a basic free package, while other subscriptions range from $49 to $99 per month.

Apart from knowing how to handle projects using these advanced project management tools, having skills in basic work documentation, cloud storage, and PDF editor like PDFSimpli is crucial too. PDFsimpli would help you keep the original content intact and also offers the feature of adding a free digital signature while you edit PDF online. There are different certification courses available too from where you could learn more about the project management framework. 

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