Four Signs Race Discrimination Exist in Your Workplace in White Plains

Racial discrimination is common in workplaces across New York. While some cases get reported, most victims choose not to come forward. Every employer must know about the signs of racial discrimination, so they can act proactively when are being subjected to it. And those who want to pursue a claim must do so carefully and with the assistance of a White Plains employment lawyer. Below are signs racial discrimination is present in your workplace:

Upper-Level Positions are Granted Only to People of Certain Races

You may need to examine your company as a whole to determine the presence of racial discrimination. If minorities or people of color hold lower-level positions and none of them hold upper-level positions, this must raise a red flag. Think also about how often employees get promoted and the race of those who get promoted. Is there a pattern of people of certain races getting passed over? If so, you might want to get an employment lawyer involved. 

Rules are Enforced in a Discriminatory Way

Companies that practice racial discrimination do not enforce rules fairly. They may slap some racial backgrounds on the wrist for breaking rules while disciplining others more seriously. Such kind of unfair rules enforcement in workplaces is not acceptable and indicates the presence of racial discrimination. 

Unfair or Unsafe Work Conditions

Each employee must be provided with access to safe work conditions regardless of where they work. Examine your workplace and determine unfair or unsafe work conditions. Do these conditions apply to everybody in the organization or only to those of certain races? If not, contact an attorney to know what steps you can take. 


It is the right of every employer to report racial discrimination, no matter whether they are a victim or a witness. But some employers may take the claim seriously and retaliate against the claimant in other ways. Some employers may not give the reporting employer raises or demote them. If you are in this situation, you must get an attorney involved. 

A skilled employment attorney can help with any possible racial discrimination case. A lot of workers do not report workplace discrimination; however, employment lawyers are available to make sure justice is served. A great attorney will help you understand your rights and legal options. They can give you representation when you decide to pursue a claim against your employer for not treating you fairly at work due to your race.

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