Features Every Travel Website Must Incorporate

With the onset of the pandemic in 2020, the travel and tourism industry had really hit the wall. With the world slowly reeling back from the aftermath, with restrictions losing and people again looking forward to their vacations, everyone is ready to hit the road, explore places and embark on trips they had bookmarked for a long time. 

Traveling agencies and traveling websites offer a detailed guide on travel places and packages, and it is time you ensure that your site is set up and that prospective travelers can easily navigate the site. Still, wondering what needs to be done? Here are some features that every travel website must have.

A Mobile-Friendly Website

Most people nowadays search using their mobile phone from anywhere, anytime. Therefore, it is crucial now that your website be mobile friendly. According to reports, with people spending more than 5 hours a day on their phones, you will be losing a lot of traffic if you do not make your travel website mobile-friendly. Make sure no matter the size of the screen, your website fits every smartphone screen perfectly.

Secured Payment Integration

Overcome viewer objections, and get faster bookings by offering several payment integration methods. By providing several payment methods, your customers can choose the most convenient option for themselves. 

While credit cards are always at the top of online purchases and booking, eWallets are not far behind as well as debit cards. Offering people several payment options ensures they get what they are comfortable with, and you get to retain them as long-time customers. 

Email Marketing 

This is a preferred marketing channel for many. You could send email newsletters, and automated messages, and generate leads accordingly. To get the email ids of viewers who have visited your page, incorporating website forms are essential. Once you have a list, send relevant content to your viewers.

Blog Section 

Having a blog section on any travel website is a must. Educate your viewers on different places, and cultures and how they will be able to enrich themselves by traveling the world. You could even ask your past customers to share their experiences in the form of blogs or under review sections.

You should also add customer testimonials and predictive search options. Make use of the different tools that are there which will extensively help you with your travel marketing campaigns. 

PDFSimpli is one such tool that helps in converting files that you can save as PDF. With this tool, you can even learn how to rotate PDF and save. Therefore, these are some of the features that will elevate your travel website and make it stand out among your competitors. 

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