Everything about filing a dog bite lawsuit in Huntington Beach

Suffering a dog bite could be a traumatic experience. Unfortunately, the number of reported dog bites every year in Huntington Beach is quite high. Man’s best friend can act unexpectedly at times. Besides the physical pain, the bite can cause shock and anxiety. Immediately after being bitten by a dog, your first step should be about informing the police or the local animal control. You should also notify the local health department. Don’t forget to seek medical assistance as puncture wounds can be painful, and there is always a risk of infection. Once you feel better, consider talking to expert injury attorneys Huntington Beach to know your case. California laws allow you to recover compensation from the dog owner for your injuries. Here’s more on what you need to know. 

California is a ‘strict liability’ state

What does that mean? The strict liability rule makes it impossible for dog owners to escape liability following a bite incident. If you suffered a dog bite, the animal owner cannot claim that they were unaware of their dog’s aggressive behavior or evade responsibility by saying that the dog hasn’t bitten anyone in the past. The concerned dog owner is liable for your losses (medical bills, lost income, etc.) if the damages resulted from a dog bite. Note that the laws don’t apply to military or police dogs. You can file a lawsuit seeking compensation even when you were not in a public place.

The statute of limitations in California for dog bites

For the unversed, the statute of limitations states the deadline for pursuing an injury lawsuit after a dog bite. In California, you have to file the dog bite lawsuit within two years from the incident date. While two years may seem like a lot of time, you could miss crucial points and evidence if you don’t act early. 

Get an attorney

Dog owners have their defenses in such lawsuits, which is precisely why you should consult an attorney soon after the accident. It would help if you had an experienced injury lawyer in Huntington Beach who has worked on dog bite lawsuits in the past. Also, get all the evidence from the fateful day that you can, such as photos of your injuries, contact details of witnesses, and details of the police report (if any). Your lawyer can negotiate on your behalf and get you a fair settlement for your losses. 

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