Eugenia Kim is a Favorite of the Kardashians and Other Celebrities

When it comes to celebrity fashion, you can’t get much more coveted than Beyonce Knowles. From her iconic feathered cloche disguise to her elegant black dresses and slacks, she’s one of the hottest designers to hit the runway this year. You may recognize her as the woman behind the feathered cloche, which quickly caught the attention of boutiques and department stores downtown. Barneys New York placed the first order of her feathered cloche. Eugenia Kim mixes clean classic shapes with feminine modernity and a playful sense of humor. She uses high-quality materials and bold colors to create elegant, yet modern styles.

Beyonce Knowles

The Grammy Awards are a huge night for pop music fans and their favourite artists, including Beyonce Knowles and the Duchess of Cambridge. However, it’s not just the stars who have been making headlines this year. As the duo’s daughter Blue Ivy turns four this year, there has been plenty of gossip about the couple. Beyonce’s birth date is Sept. 4, and her husband, the billionaire rapper Jay-Z, was born Dec. 4, 1970. In addition, Beyonce’s middle name is IV, so she and her husband are likely to have many tattoos that feature the Roman numeral.

Charlize Theron

Aside from her work in the movie “That Other Couple”, actress Charlize Theron has been making headlines as a gossip column main character. Recently, she stepped out in a chic trouser suit with a cropped oversized jacket, patent leather pumps, and a high-collar white blouse. She finished the look with snow-white cat-eye glasses. Her outfit was completed with scarlet lipstick and diamond earrings.


If you’ve ever wished you could be a milliner like Madonna, you’ve probably met Eugenia Kim. This accomplished milliner stumbled into the millinery world by necessity, but her designs caught the eye of many celebrities, including Madonna. Here, Kim tells her story. Originally, yuul yie, Kim wanted to be a doctor, but a chance encounter in New York turned her into a fashion designer.

Gwyneth Paltrow

The fashion designer, Eugenia Kim, has been a favorite of the Kardashians and countless other celebrities. Her quirky designs and innovative alltimesmagazine ideas have earned her a place in some of the world’s best boutiques. She has been featured in numerous fashion magazines, and her eponymous millinery and footwear lines are stocked in many of the world’s top department stores.

Sarah Jessica Parker

A feud between Sarah Jessica Parker and Kim Cattrall is back in the spotlight thanks to a new Sex and the City revival series. While Parker and Kim haven’t addressed their feud since the premiere of Sex and the City, they did open up about how difficult it is to maintain friendships. Kim’s absence from the show caused Parker to address the topic of the actress’s ex-boyfriend.

Kirsten Dunst

The stunning costumes worn by Kirsten Dunst and Eugenia Park are the most impressive of the film’s cast. The costumes were made by Battat, who estimates that 90 percent of the costumes were handmade. The actresses incorporated a mix of modern and antique pieces into their ensembles. Eugenia Kim’s hat, for example, was changed to fit the character, mr & mrs Italy, and the photographer called on the New York-based company Ten Thousand Things to create the film’s jewelry.

Joel Madden

Eugenia Kim was born in Monroeville, moviesverse Pennsylvania, and grew up in a middle-class family. She went on to receive the National Merit Scholarship and studied psychology at Dartmouth College, where she later worked for Allure magazine. As a child, she was always drawn to hats and became an avid collector. Her mother, an oncologist, encouraged her to pursue a career in fashion.

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