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Product Features

Elegant Design: A sophisticated single-layer design from top to bottom, side expansion, it is designed for cups and utensils company, reasonable storage of your dishes, cups and a range of tableware. Not just is it simple to drain pipes, it likewise keeps the cooking area clean.inch Sturdy
Materials: Selection of premium, more thick and durable materials, non slip foot pad, makes certain the dish rack stand well and prevent scratching the counter top, more strong endurance, let your dishes and bowls safely put. Surface area using an unique surface area treatment, polishing appeal and smooth surface area.
inch Perfect Size: The system (collapsed) determines 35.0/ 37.2 (L) x 9.8 (W) x 31.0 (H) inches(please test the size of your sink before purchase).
inch Modern Style: The dish rack has the safe edge and smooth slot, which do not hurt dishes and bowls. Adjustable pads, detachable hooks, unique water pans for chopsticks, contemporary style dish drainer offers you fascinating look to your cooking area.
inch Easy to assemble: It is simple to assemble. Made with heavy-duty 304 stainless-steel, capable of holding up to 80 pounds of dishes and utensils. Water will drip into the sink bowl while drying, keeping your countertop and floor dry. Robust design with anti-slip feet to prevent dish rack carrying on the countertop.Features Distinct design and


make the dish drying rack a substantial space and convenience. Dishes and utensils can be left on a rack up until completely dry before returning to the cabinets.This sophisticated

dish rack makes cleaning, drying, and organizing, all at the very same spot-- no more untidy cooking area. When you wash or dry the dishes and utensils, water will drip directly into the sink, keeping your counter top and floor dry, clean, and tidy.The compartments and hooks can be disassembled for simple cleaning and rearranged according to your needs.Made with real heavy-duty 304-series stainless-steel, this dish drying rack is strong enough to support 80 pounds of dishes and utensils. With its outstanding quality of materials, it is rust-proof and will remain in shape for a long period of time; and with its distinct architectural design, the weight can be well balanced and stabilized.Product Details Item Type: Dish Rack Product: Stainless steel Inside dimension: 34.9/ 37.2(L)x 9.8( W)x 24.5(H) inches

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