Common Misconceptions Regarding The Criminal Justice System

The law system is undoubtedly complicated, due to which the average person usually has various misconceptions regarding it. If you are not a lawyer, your knowledge about the American justice system is probably derived from television and movies. However, the entertainment industry does not focus on delivering the truth. 

If you are involved in a criminal case, you must have your facts straight about the criminal justice system. Therefore, we have brought some of the biggest and most common myths surrounding criminal law to you. To learn more about the law or discuss your legal options, consult a criminal defense lawyer Knoxville, TN today. 

Common misconceptions regarding the criminal justice system

  • The police could not arrest you if they did not see you commit the crime. 

This is entirely false. Millions of people get arrested every day even though the police did not see them commit the crime themselves. If one or more people testify against you, the police may have probable cause to arrest you. Witness testimony is considered valuable when the police are not around. Later, the police piece together various testimonies and evidence to reach a conclusion. 

  • The police must identify themselves. 

It may sound obvious, but the police do not need to identify themselves as police officers to arrest you or conduct an investigation. Sting operations and other secret missions would not be possible if that were the case. If there were a law for police officers to identify themselves, law enforcement would never be able to investigate certain criminal activity. 

  • Rich people are less likely to commit a crime. 

Somewhere along the way, a misconception developed that people coming from low-income families are more likely to commit crimes. This is because poverty-stricken people need money and thus commit crimes like theft. However, theft is not the only type of crime there is. Most of the crime has no relation to money, such as DUI, drugs, assault, etc. Therefore, the myth that rich people are less likely to commit crimes is baseless. 

  • A clean record will enable you to get off your criminal case more easily. 

If you think you can easily get out of legal trouble because it is your first offense, you may be wrong. Most of the criminal defendants have no prior criminal record. While the court may increase penalties for repeat offenders, it does not usually allow lesser punishments for first-timers. 

When dealing with the police or law, it is never a good idea to stand alone. Ask for an attorney and remain silent. An attorney can help clear all your misconceptions about the law system and strategize your best defense. 

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