Can I Stop Paying Child Support If My Ex Stops Me From Seeing The Kids

A divorce is a difficult time, and it can be easy to get into conflicts and arguments with your ex. When such conflicts arise, the parent with custody may even prevent your child from seeing you during their visitation period. The other parent may do this in such a way that makes it less obvious. For example, they may arrange sudden play dates, go out of station or lie that the child is sick during your parenting time. 

It can be difficult to deal with your ex’s tactics. You may even feel helpless as there is no evidence of their trickery. However, a gig harbor child support attorney can help you collect proof that an inexperienced person might often overlook. However, no matter what tactics they play, you must not stop paying child support payments. 

My ex-spouse is not letting me see my kids. Can I stop the child support payments?

The paying parent is not allowed to stop the payments. If your ex-spouse is playing dirty tactics to stop you from meeting the children, you must take a different course of action to deal with the situation. Trying to “teach a lesson” to your ex for their activities will only make things worse for you. 

The court makes sure that the child’s quality of life is not affected due to the parents’ divorce. If you stop making these payments, it will directly affect your child. This can make the court take strict against you. The non-custodial parent is required to pay the child support, whether or not they are allowed to see their children. 

My ex is denying that I am the father. What do I do?

Sometimes your ex may even go so far as to deny that you are the father. In such cases, you need to establish paternity legally. There are a few ways you can legally establish paternity that you can discuss with your gig harbor lawyer. 

My ex refuses to let me see my kids

If your ex-spouse refuses to let your children meet with you, the best way to deal with the situation is to hire an attorney. You should continue paying child support payments, but you can still take strict action against your ex. An attorney can gather evidence that indicates your ex has been intentionally interfering with your visitation rights. 

If you can prove that the parent has ill motives, the court can enforce the child custody order. In case the problem persists, you can even ask the court to award custody to you. This only happens in serious cases of parental alienation and can impact child support payments as well. 

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