Best Time to Dive the Red Sea

The best time to dive the Red Sea is between March and May. While diving during the peak season can be crowded, the winter months are also ideal. The spring and fall months see the greatest concentrations of whale sharks, seahorses, and manta rays. In December, hammerhead sharks are active. Throughout the year, you can also spot various shark species including tiger sharks, eagle rays, leopard sharks, and silky sharks.

The best time to dive the Red Sea is between February and May. Although winter months can cause rough surface conditions, the spring and fall months are ideal for viewing whale shark swim. June to August, on the other hand, are considered low-diving seasons. It can be hot on the surface, and you’ll need to wear a sweatshirt during the evenings. All-inclusive packages allow you to take advantage of the great underwater visibility and incredible fish populations.

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The southern Red Sea is best when diving in September or October. Warm air and water temperatures make diving conditions pleasant. These months are the best times to see whale sharks, which can be seen from the surface as well as on the walls. While temperatures can reach uncomfortable levels during the winter months, they are also the peak diving seasons. There is something for every diver in the Red Sea. The best time to dive in the Red is always right for you!

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Regardless of your skill level, the Red Sea is a year-round destination. The hot months, July and August, have the highest water temperatures and are ideal for swimming in the ocean. However, during the spring and autumn, visibility can be decreased, and evenings can be cold. The water can get colder, so it’s best to bring a sweatshirt. It’s also worth noting that most all diving activities are all-inclusive.

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The best time to dive the Red Sea depends on your personal preferences. During the summer, temperatures are usually high and water temperatures can reach as high as 29degC. In the winter, air temperatures can be cooler, bringing the water temperature down to 26degC. During the hot season, you can expect the waters to be a little chilly at night. The best time to dive the Red Sea is from March to November.

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The best time to dive the Red Sea depends on your personal preference. You can dive in the Red Sea throughout the year, but summer months can be too hot, and the water temperature can reach 50degC. The winter months are best for watching whale sharks and other large pelagics. The summer months are also the best time to see the whales. Whether you choose to snorkel or dive, the water will be warm and comfortable.

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