All About Human Hair Bundles 

Human hair bundles are hair extensions to add to your hair to make you beautiful. 

How to buy hair bundles online:

You can have many options to buy from online but there are a few good merchants to trust on them. You can try luvmehair

Types of human hair extensions (virgin vs. Remy vs. Non-remy):

Virgin hair comes from one donor with no chemical mixing in hairs. Remy hair is collected from many donors and processed chemically. Non-remy hairs are collected from salons and random suppliers. 

Where Do Real Human Hair Extensions Come From?

Luvmehair also comes with human hair bob wigs & bob wig with bangs. 

If you have no enough idea about bob wigs and bob wig with bangs, then i am telling you what is actually they are-

False Stories about hair wigs:

  • Hair extension only can be worn on parties or occasions. But the real one is you can wear it anytime you want. 
  • Some women think a wig will look fake on them. But real is modern hair wigs is natural and one one can tell what is real on your head
  • You can not style your wigs. But the real one is you can do what you can do with your hair. But keep in mind that hair should be natural 
  • There is a myth that original hair can be damaged, broken. It’s totally false news.

There is a lot of false news about hair wigs. Many things that wig can not blend in. let’s talk about this.

 Another normal confusion is that the hair augmentations won’t mix in-we’ve all seen pictures on the web of a few sketchy mixes, and trust us, we were similarly just about as confounded as you. Consider this: in the event that you pick the right arrangement of hair expansions for your hair type, and work on cutting them in and styling them, the augmentations will mix in flawlessly with your hair. While there is an expectation to learn and adapt with regards to cutting and styling hair augmentations yourself there are numerous assets on our YouTube channel to assist you with accomplishing the hair of your fantasies comfortably. Don’t forget to try glueless lace wigs

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What is the best type of human hair bundles?

Virgin hair is best type of human hair bundles 

  • What are the different types of bundle hair?

There are different type of bundle hair wave such as straight, wavy, deep wave or tight curly

  • How long do hair bundles last?

Best quality hair bundles remain good condition 6-12 weeks

  • What is the highest quality human hair?

There is a grade system on human hair(3A, 4A, 5A, 6A, 7A, 8A, 9A 10A). 10A is the highest quality human hair. 

  • Which country’s human hair is best?

There are many human hairs country wise. But brazilian is the best 

  • How many bundles do I need to make a wig?

2-4 bundles can make a wig easily 

  • What type of human hair wig is most costly?

European hair wig is costly

  • How many hair bundles should I buy?

You can try 3-4 designs 

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