A lemon spell for love

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Lemons aren’t used in love magic. It’s not the ingredient that can help awaken love. So any lemon spell for love is a spell using lemons indirectly. For example, you want a man to break up with his lover, become free and fall in love with you. Buy the most ugly-looking mid-sized lemon you can find. Set up an altar in the western corner of the room which is not a bedroom and in which people don’t spend too much time. It’s important because the altar has to stay in the room for a few weeks. Ideally, put in a room which you can lock up.

Take a gray candle and put it in a tin candlestick. Light it. Put three pictures on the altar (from left to right): the lover’s picture, the man’s picture, and your picture. Cut a deep cross in the lemon, put it on the lover’s picture and say:

“When (the man’s name) comes up to you, when (the man’s name) hugs you, when (the man’s name) wants to kiss you, you’ll scrunch your face like lemons make you do. You’ll find him as sour as a lemon. You’ll push him away like you do a lemon. (The man’s name) will be so unpleasant to you that you will no longer want to see him.”

Then make a hole in the corner of your picture and the man’s picture and tie them together with a red string, saying:

“Did you think you had no one to go to? Were you scared no one would love you? Were you sad you were left alone? Don’t be sad! Come to me and find the love of your life in me. Choose me and be happy. Hug me and never let me go because no one will ever love you as much as I do.”

Leave everything as it is for one week. Every evening light the candle to say both the spells while bending over the picture. Then throw the picture of the lover out along with the lemon. Put the other two pictures away. The spell should start working shortly.​

A love spell with lemon

A love spell with lemon can be used to breathe new life into a relationship stuck in a rut. However, you may cast this spell only if:

  • You’re sure your relationship is strong;
  • Your partner isn’t seeing another woman;
  • Your partner has never cheated on you;
  • Your sex is great;
  • It’s not your but your partner’s fault that your relationship is stuck in a rut;
  • You’ve been together for over 2 years;
  • You live together;
  • You have a lot in common;
  • Once your relationship was full of surprises but not anymore.

Buy a few lemons, wrap them in a cloth (if you and the target are married and you still have your wedding veil, wrap the lemon in it; put the tie in it too which your husband wore on your wedding day). Hide it in the bedroom (for example, under the bed). The lemons need three days to get soaked in your energy. Just keep in mind that if you have a fight with your husband within these three days, the lemons will need to be thrown out. Wash the cloth and start over in one week. It also applies to all loud parties you may host at your place.

In three days take the lemons and write what you don’t like about your relationship on them, for example, “boredom”, “predictability”, “not going out enough”, “bad sex”, etc. Put your couple pictures on the table. Roll the lemons over the pictures one by one, while pressing the lemons down. Be careful and make sure the lemons don’t crack and the juice doesn’t get on the pictures.

Now make a cut in each lemon and squeeze their juice in a jar. You may use it to make pastries or soft (not alcohol!) beverages. If you want, just give your 100% natural lemon juice for the man to drink. Yet, it’s better to dilute it with water. The target should consume all of the juice and you should finish those few drops left in the jar.​

Put the family pictures on the table again and roll a fresh chicken egg over them. Wrap the egg in film, then in paper, then in a clean white cloth. Take the egg out and bury it. The ritual’s been completed. You should see it yourself by now. Your relationship is much better than before and maybe it’s never even been better.

If you want to get rid of an annoying admirer, use the following lemon love spell. Buy 13 lemons and put them on the table in a pile. In one day pierce each lemon with a needle 13 times, put them in a box covered with film on the inside. Put a picture of your admirer and your picture in which you don’t like yourself or think you don’t look as good in the box.

Keep the lemons in the box until the juice starts coming out and the lemons start to rot. Take your picture out, fold it four times, and throw it out. Keep the picture of your admirer. Bring the box to his house and leave it on the doorstep. Ring the doorbell and walk away. The target should just pick up the box and bring it in (he should do it himself) to activate the spell and lose interest in you.

You can end an annoying relationship in the same way, just keeping the box with the lemons in your bedroom (if you live together). To prevent it from being found, wrap the box in film so it doesn’t smell.

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