A fundamental overview of debt lawsuit defense: Get an attorney early 

Because of various circumstances, people often fail to repay their debts on time. While creditors may cooperate and allow more room to make payments, some may choose the legal way. If you are scared after being summoned for a debt lawsuit, you are not alone. There are law firms in Chicago, like Zero Debt Law Firmthat offer all possible help for debt defense. The law doesn’t make it mandatory for you to hire an attorney, but this one step can change the course of your case. Depending on the situation, the lawyer may manage to get your case dismissed or come to an arrangement where you pay less and get an affordable payment plan. Here are some key things to know. 

Understanding debt lawsuit defense strategies

The moment you speak with an attorney and they decide to take the case, they will start looking at the evidence. Even when there is reliable evidence that you owe the money, your lawyer can look for loopholes that you can consider. Examples include – 

  1. There are evident issues in the paperwork
  2. The credit agreement was illegal or had issues
  3. You were not served the summons appropriately
  4. The statute of limitations has expired
  5. The creditor or the debt collection agency adhered to illegal practices
  6. A payment arrangement was agreed upon, but the creditor chose to breach the same

Don’t ignore the debt lawsuit

If you think you can ignore the debt lawsuit, think again because the creditor may get a default judgment, which would only complicate things further. You have a chance to challenge the creditor in court, and an attorney will ensure that you don’t end up becoming a victim. They are there to defend your side, and even when the circumstances are not favorable, you may manage to get a more suitable option. A default judgment against a debt lawsuit is the worse you would handle. 

Will the debt lawsuit go to court?

The short answer is no. Not all debt lawsuits end up in court. In some cases, it is possible to get the lawsuit dismissed, and if that’s not an option, your lawyer can still negotiate outside of the court. This allows them to discuss the repayment in a more phased manner, which is acceptable to the creditor too. 

If the case goes before a judge, your debt lawsuit defense lawyer will present evidence and argue why you should get a chance to repay the loan.  

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