3 elements that the rehab center can offer in their aftercare program.

According to research done by National Institute on Drug Abuse, there is a 40 percent to 60 percent chance that a person that has done their treatment can go through relapse again. This number can decrease by incorporating and getting a proper aftercare program. Many rehab centers have started to give an aftercare program, all of them need to have these 3 elements to be able to function well for a patient who has done their treatment program.

1st element: Choose an aftercare treatment option.

The plan starts out with the first step that the rehab centers offer. The post-treatment programs such as outpatient treatment program, sober-living homes, and partial hospitalization programs are offered. It is up to the patient to decide which one is the most suitable for them and they are the most comfortable in.

Each option is designed to give the patient that relaxed environment along with getting medical treatment by a professional medical staff. If they choose outpatient program, they will be able to go to their homes daily and slowly be integrated into the workplace environment or the school environment. In sober-living home, they will be visited by family and will live around fellow post-treatment patients who will support one another with the help of a medical staff. The same will happen during the partial hospitalization program.

2nd element: Make a prevention plan for relapse.

After getting primary treatment and going past it successfully, you will be feeling very proud of yourself. All new possibilities will be in front of you. You will think that now you can go out and party, meet friends, and just treat yourself for your hard work and effort. But that should not be the case as this is a surefire way of falling into the deep hole of relapsing.

Why? Because when you meet friends, they won’t know what you have gone through in your drug or alcohol rehab program as it is likely that your treatment would be kept a secret from them. They will offer you drinks or just be happy to see you again if they do know about your treatment, which can make you get addicted to alcohol this time too. Therefore, a proper prevention plan for treatment is to be administered with the help of a rehab center.

A good relapse prevention plan will help you in knowing what are your triggers. It will remind you why you wanted to get sober in the first place, and it will also remind you what your body needs physically and mentally in order to keep the recovery process intact.

3rd element: Create a support network.

This is highly important. Having a support system to rely on can keep you away from relapsing. All the options mentioned above have the added benefit of having a support system of family and friends, of the medical staff, and of your fellow patients who are going through the same thing as you.

It is a common fact that certain people and places can trigger your relapse. After you have been treated, you will realize that certain people are better left out of your life so that you can make room for a new lifestyle. Therefore, it is extremely vital to create a support network of family and friends along with the people that you have met during your journey of recovery at the rehab center.

Getting these three elements and incorporating them into your lifestyle after your treatment program is finished can help you stay afloat when it comes to staying sober. This time can be hard but fruitful if you just make through it. To make an aftercare plan, you need to get in touch with a reliable rehab center, to do so click here now.

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